Firefox OS smartphones are have recently become available in Europe and parts of Central America. This month Mozilla plans to enter the Indian market. Moreover, they plan to do it with very inexpensive smartphones costing up to $50. This is probably a clever move for the Indian market as most phones are expensive since carriers can be changed with generally little resistance.

The information comes from CEO and COO Gong Li of Mozilla based in Taiwan. He confirmed that more than 1 million Firefox OS smartphones have been sold worldwide. Mozilla’s plan is to net 10 million smartphone sales by the end of 2014!

While just a few carriers are partnering with Mozilla on the Firefox OS project in each country,they said in India the partners will be more than 10. In short, there are 10 hardware makers and 20 carriers currently supporting Firefox OS.

Don’t be surprised ZTE, Alcatel, Huawei and LG to debut their products around the Indian market. It would be interesting to find out if the $25 Spreadtrum Opera OS smartphone will reach the marketplace, too.

And when you’ll need a tablet running Opera OS, then Gong Li has some good news for you personally. Foxconn Electronics and Via Technology is considering developing slates running the woking platform. Panasonic, however is planning for a Opera OS wise TV.


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