Apple Product Repairs

  • Macbook screen replacement.
  • Adware and spyware removal.
  • Operating System Installation.
  • Hard drive replacement.
  • Data recovery services.
  • Power Supply Replacement.
  • DC Jack / Charging port repair.
  • SMT circuit board repair.
  • Logic board replacement.
  • Memory upgrades.
  • Macbook water damage repair*

Macbook & Macbook Pro

We offer full component and software repair for Apple Macbooks and Macbooks Pros in Schaumburg. Frequently, we see Macbooks come in from accidental damage that require a screen replacement or other hardware repair. Our on-site staff is skilled in repairing damage to Macbooks and replacing defective components with precision. We rarely have to perform redo work on Macbooks.

• Due to the complex nature of water damage, we don’t guarantee water damage repairs. Though we have a high rate of success with these repair, too many exterior factors can influence the end result of the repair in terms of lasting quality.

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    Macbook Repair

    macbook-repair-in-schaumburgZombie Techs is the premier Macbook repair company in Schaumburg. With over 100 Macbooks fixed in the last two years, we know your machine inside and out. Macbooks suffer from a unique set of problems not common to PCs, especially when it comes to hardware. Though the boards are none for suffering from fatigue in the form of heat stress and wear, in many cases they can be fixed without having to buy a new motherboard from Apple. Furthermore, we can fix your Macbook here in our store without sending it out to some warehouse for 3 weeks. In addition to these benefits, we also warranty our repairs to give you a stronger sense of confidence in our repairs.

    Accidental Damage?

    In a lot cases, accidental damage is not covered by manufacturer warranties or service plans and sometimes the service plans are too expensive to even consider. More often than not, we see cases where coffee and drinks are spilled on the machines at work or home and they stop working. In other cases screens get cracked from being dropped or hinges break separating the Macbook into two halves. Regardless of the what the problem is, we have an 96% rate of recovery when it comes to accidental damage repair. If your machine has suffered from water damage, keep it as dry as possible and come to see one of our technicians right away! Water damage is a very time sensitive issue and the longer you wait, the more corrosion can built up in your machine and ultimately destroy it beyond repair. Call us today for a free consultation on what to do if your machine stops working from water damage: 847-348-0264

    Is it better to take my machine to the Apple Store?

    macbook-repair-in-schaumburgThat depends on your definition of better. Though Apple ultimately is responsible for the machinery they manufacture, we can offer better service in many cases when it comes to repair turn around time and cost efficiency. On average, clients have reported a savings of $200 as opposed to what they would have paid for repair at the Apple Store. Check out some of the testimonials below as far as what our clients had to say:

    “WOW! Zombie Techs saved my life. I spilled coffee all over my macbook and I need it for school. I took it to Apple and they told me they couldn’t fix it, I would need a new macbook pro. I took it to a repair shop in Hoffman Estates and they wouldn’t even check it in for service. Finally I brought it to Zombie Techs and they said they do repairs like this at least once a week. I worked with Rokas and he was super helpful. After 3 days my macbook was working like nothing even happened. These guys definitely have my future business!”        -Mary Z. Elk Grove Village, IL

    “I brought my iMac back to the Apple Store in Schaumburg after the video signal stopped coming to my screen and I was told that I would have to replace the screen and probably the board inside that makes it work. They told me it could be as little as $600 and as much as $1300 and told me I might be better off buying a new iMac for $2000 but they were willing to take my money and try to fix it. Naturally I said no and I did a quick google search and found Zombie Techs. I saw they fixed Apple products so I decided to give them a shop and they were only 5 minutes away from Woodfield anyway. I could not be happier. The store doesn’t look like much from the outside but man do these guys know what they are doing. The tech working there explained to me that the video card over heated and they could try to fix it or replace it, in either case it would cost less than $250. Sure enough they called back later that Saturday and told me they found a way to fix it and are going to keep it til Monday to make sure that the repair worked. I’m using that iMac right now to write this review.” Peter F. Lombard, IL

    I was at Drink Nightclub on the weekend and spilled beer all over my iPhone and after it shut off it wouldn’t come back on. On my way out, I saw that there was a computer repair place across the street with iPhones inside so I came back the next day and they fixed it in like 20 minutes. Awesome.”   – Dan H. Arlington Heights, IL

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    *disclaimer* we are not affiliated professionally APPLE corporation and do not claim to manufacturer or reproduce APPLE brand component and products.

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