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Cell phone repair

If You Need Help With Your Phone, You Can Be Sure That ZombieTechs Will Help With
Cell Screen Phone Repair & Cell Phone Repair Schaumburg

iPhone Repair

  • iPhone water damage repair.*
  • iPhone lcd screen replacement.
  • iPhone cracked glass repair.
  • iPhone battery replacement.
  • iPhone speaker replacement.
  • iPhone microphone replacement.
  • iPhone logic board repair.
  • iPhone sim tray repair.
  • iPhone unlocking.
  • iPhone home button repair.
  • iPhone volume button repair.
  • iPhone headphone jack repair.
  • iPhone lock button repair / replacement.

iPhone Repair – All models

Because the Apple iPhone is so common it is the most frequent Apple repair we encounter. For any iPhone repair Schaumburg Zombie Tech provides full service. As of today these are the most used phones in the U.S. We perform fast apple repair Schaumburg with short turn around times frames. Walk-ins are welcome for this service so there is no need to schedule an appointment. All generations are welcome at Zombie Tech.

*When fixing water damage issues the result is never guaranteed based on the complexity of circuit repair.

Supported Models

  • iPhone
  • iPhone 3 repair
  • iPhone 3G repair
  • iPhone 3GS repair
  • iPhone 4 repair
  • iPhone 4S repair
  • iPhone 4SE repair
  • iPhone 5 repair
  • iPhone 5S repair
  • iPhone 5C repair
  • iPhone 5SE repair
  • iPhone 6 repair
  • iPhone 6S repair
  • iPhone 6+ repair
  • iPhone 6S+  repair
  • iPhone 7 repair
  • iPhone 7+ repair
  • iPhone 7 repair
  • iPhone 8+ repair
  • iPhone X repair

Zombie Techs – Schaumburg, IL
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Zombie Techs – Des Plaines, IL
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iPhone & Smartphone Repair

  • iPhone screen replacement.
  • Power On/Off button replacement.
  • LCD screen replacement.
  • Speaker button replacement.
  • Speaker replacement.
  • Charging port repair.
  • Parental Controls and Antivirus.
  • Battery replacement.
  • Microphone replacement.
  • Camera replacement.
  • Headphone jack replacement.

Samsung Smartphone Repair

  • Galaxy screen replacement.
  • Power On/Off button replacement.
  • LCD screen replacement.
  • Speaker button replacement.
  • Speaker replacement.
  • Charging port repair.
  • Parental Controls and Antivirus.
  • Battery replacement.
  • Microphone replacement.
  • Camera replacement.
  • Headphone jack replacement.

Other Supported Phone Types

  • Microsoft
  • Nokia
  • Motorola
  • HTC
  • Sony
  • Huawei
  • Blackberry (RIM)
  • LG

Mobile Phone Repair Schaumburg

We offer a wide range of repair services in Schaumburg for computers, laptops, cell phones, and tablets. Our previous customers have always been delighted by our expertise and the excellent customer service we have offered to them at affordable rates. We take pride in what we do best and assure you that no problem is big for us with these repairs. We are have the most talent in house and can pass on the benefits of cell phone repair in Schaumburg. There’s no group of technicians in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago that can do what we do in terms of repairing cell phone sand iPhones.

Our repair services are also distinguished by the fact that we know all the models of computers, laptops, and cell phones. And we also know all various operating systems. Therefore, irrespective of Android, Windows, Blackberry or iOS operating system, we are the best technicians for cell phone repair in Schaumburg. We can repair that lovely and expensive iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S5. We always stay abreast of innovations on the market. This enables us to repair all the latest and the old models.

The services we perform for cell phone repair Schaumburg include:

  • Screen repair of any phone model
  • Replacement of charging ports
  • Battery replacement
  • Software diagnosis
  • Power button repair
  • Home and volume button repairs and many more services for cell phone repair in Schaumburg.

Turn to us if you need expert technicians for cell phone repair in Schaumburg. We will repair your cell phone or computer perfectly to function like a new one.

What kind of Cell Phones do we Fix?

We fix all makes and models of cell phones. The most popular cell phones we fix to date which we keep parts in stock for are usually iPhone 3/3gs/4 and the new iPhone 5. If your phone isn’t working but you’re not sure what the problem could be, bring it into our store location for our resident phone experts to take a look and help you identify what it would cost to repair. The local in-store technicians repair between 6-12 smartphones daily.

If your computer is also malfunctioning, we can perfectly repair. We are not only the experts of cell phone repair in Schaumburg but also computer repair experts. A computer or laptop may be affected by virus, or has its screen damaged or its hard drive malfunctioning. Do not worry; we are well-versed in all the repairs. If you have lost your password for your computer or want to upgrade your operating system, we are here in Schaumburg. Our services are incomparable.

Bring your computer or laptop and let us diagnose it for free to see what the underlying problem is. After diagnosing its problems, we will tell you the estimates of the prices. There are no hidden prices in our services we promise. We also promise that our prices are unbeatable in Schaumburg.


Why choose Zombie Techs for Cell phone repair in Schaumburg?

There’s many great reasons to use Zombie Techs for not only your cell phone repair in Schaumburg but also for any of your iPhone and smart phone repair needs. Over the last few years our team has been increasingly taking steps to create a one-stop shopping and repair atmosphere. We now sell used and refurbished phones online and in store and pass on great savings to our customers. We also buy broken phones directly from our customers and refurbish them to go back out on sale. We also buy through other channels constantly like eBay, Offer up, and Craigslist so that there is a strong supply of smartphones, tablets, and laptops available for purchase.

How long does it take to get a cracked iPhone screen replaced?

We have specially made tools just for repairing cracked iPhone screens that allow us to perform some repairs in as little as 15 minutes. Most repairs take up to 30-40 minutes including post operation  testing. If you bring in your iPhone, you can expect it to be done quickly and inexpensively, normally in less than an hour. We also repair more complicated repairs for iPhone products but they may require more time. At check-in a technician can help set the expectations for how long a certain repair can take to complete.

Does Zombie Techs offer Samsung cell phone repair in Schaumburg?

Yes, we do provide a wide range of repairs for Samsung smartphones. Our Schaumburg location performs glass replacement and cracked LCD screen replacement for Samsung phones. It’s best to call in and ask about Samsung repairs because they make a wide variety of parts are repairs are considerably more difficult to perform than iPhones for example. Most frequently we see broken screen repairs or charging port repairs coming through our doors. Such repairs can be done within an hour or two assuming we have parts in stock for your model. Android devices and Motorola devices are also covered in our repair shop.

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