iPad & iPad Mini Repair Services

The iPad changed the way we view wireless technology. While iPads make great portable electronics, they are uniquely easy to break. The large glass surface is prone to damage and can easily be broken. Frequently, we get iPads in for repair that were dropped on the floor. Screen replacements are the most common repairs known to the iPad and the Zombie Techs has screens in stock for all most generations.

iPad Repair Services

  • iPad water damage.
  • iPad lcd screen replacement.
  • iPad cracked glass repair.
  • iPad battery replacement.
  • iPad speaker replacement.
  • iPad microphone replacement.
  • iPad home button repair.
  • iPad volume button repair.
  • iPad headphone jack repair.
  • iPad logic board repair.
  • iPad lock button repair / replacement.
  • Parental Controls and Antivirus.

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iPad Repair in Schaumburg


ipad repair in schaumburgiPads are by far the most difficult Apple Products to repair. Fortunately, our team has more experience repairing iPads and replacing broken glass than any other repair shop within 10 miles. That means we can bring your iPad back to life quickly and effectively with little pain and wait for you. In fact most iPads can be repaired within an hour to four hours time. We currently support repair for all available iPads on the market including iPad 1, iPad 2, iPad 3. iPads can also suffer from a wide range of problems:


  • iPad screen damage
  • Aluminum back damage
  • Wifi Transmitter/Antenna
  • Home Button damage
  • Battery Replacement


We’re versed in dealing with all of the above listed problems. If you have questions about a repair that you don’t see listed above, feel free to call us at 847-348-0264 or come by our store location to show us the damage. Chances are we’ve probably done it before and we can probably do it again. That said, we also attempt water damage and circuitry repair upon request but it comes with no warranty and no implied guarantee that we can fix these issues due to the unforgiving nature of those mentioned scenarios. Water damage can usually be reversed if we can get our hands on it shortly after water is spilled. Leaving the machine for a week at a time or so can be highly dangerous due to the fact that the battery is internally always connected and can easily cook all of the circuits causing them to distend or corrode (making them extraordinarily difficult to repair).


Q: How long does a screen replacement take?


A: Typically most iPad screen replacements are performed within an hour or two depending on how severe the damage is. Stop by our site for iPad repair in Schaumburg


Q: Do you have parts in stock or do they have to be ordered in?


A: We keep replacement parts for many in demand components. For iPads we typically have every part in stock for repair.


Q: Do you buy broken iPads and Apple Devices?


A: We can offer you money for your broken or working devices. Stop by our store and visit with an agent to receive a no free quote on how much you can get for your devices.

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