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Iphone Repair

Do You Need iPhone Repair Schaumburg?
At ZombieTechs, We Can Diagnose The Issue, And Fix It

iPhone Repair

  • iPhone water damage repair.*
  • iPhone lcd screen replacement.
  • iPhone cracked glass repair.
  • iPhone battery replacement.
  • iPhone speaker replacement.
  • iPhone microphone replacement.
  • iPhone logic board repair.
  • iPhone sim tray repair.
  • iPhone unlocking.
  • iPhone home button repair.
  • iPhone volume button repair.
  • iPhone headphone jack repair.
  • iPhone lock button repair / replacement.

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iPhone Repair in Schaumburg

iPhone repair is one of the most common services we offer at our Schaumburg store. There’s a wide variety of problems that iPhones can experience due to how many components there are and how susceptible they are to motion damage and humidity. Our store has a 95% repair rate for iPhones based on data we’ve collected through our store store computers. That’s why we’re still the highest rated service for iPhone repair in Schaumburg. Below, we’ve listed a number of problems this phone can experience which we can fix on-site and we usually stock replacement parts for:

  • iPhone Cracked Screen and LCD
  • Speaker piece of speaker phone damage
  • iPhone Camera front or back damage
  • Volume Button or Flex cable damage
  • Microphone damage
  • Water Damage
  • Back Glass repair
  • On/Off and Home Button Damage

Though no 3rd party computer or electronics repair shop in the country has direct access to exact Apple replacement screens, we use nearly identical products that look, feel, and are manufactured identically to the products Apple carries. We now also carry color conversion kits for iPhone 4 so you can change the glass from the front and back of the phone.

If You Have an iPhone, You Are in Need of iPhone Repair in Schaumburg

Having an iPhone is a great experience – if only they never broke! It’s like they are made of glass, right? No matter how much you try to keep your phone out of harm’s way, chances are at some point you will still be in need of excellent iPhone repair in Schaumburg.

The problem these days are that everybody claims to be an iPhone repairman and unfortunately, most owners are robbed of their beloved iPhone when they mail it to a business that doesn’t even exist. So where do you find reputable iPhone repair in Schaumburg? It’s simple: With us! Our excellent reputation precedes us and what’s more, you do not have to mail your iPhone to us as you can visit our store in person. If your iPhone is broken, we guarantee our iPhone repair in Schaumburg can fix it. We have seen cracks and breaks of all degrees, and trust us when we say we have really seen it all.

Our iPhone repair in Schaumburg service includes:

  • LCD replacement and repair
  • Digitizer repair and/or replacement
  • Water damage
  • Replacement of home buttons
  • Charging port repair and replacement
  • Repair or replacement of power buttons
  • Repair or replacement of speaker
  • Repair or replacement of the microphone
  • Repairing of the Wi-Fi service
  • The removal of security lock-codes
iphone battery replacement Des Plaines iphone repair Schaumburg

We can fix anything from screen replacements to speakers and microphones. Take a look at a few of our services below:

  • iPhone 6 screen replacement
  • iPhone 6 speaker replacement
  • iPhone 6 camera replacement
  • iPhone 6 Home button replacement
  • iPhone 6 on/off button replacement
  • iPhone 6 volume button replacement
  • iPhone 6 vibrator replacement
  • iPhone 6 cracked screen repair
  • iPhone 6S screen replacement
  • iPhone 6S speaker replacement
  • iPhone 6S camera replacement
  • iPhone 6S Home button replacement
  • iPhone 6S on/off button replacement
  • iPhone 6S volume button replacement
  • iPhone 6S vibrator replacement
  • iPhone 6S cracked screen repair
  • iPhone 3g/3gs screen replacement
  • iPhone 3g/3gs speaker replacement
  • iPhone 3g/3gs camera replacement
  • iPhone 3g/3gs Home button replacement
  • iPhone 3g/3gs on/off button replacement
  • iPhone 3g/3gs volume button replacement
  • iPhone 3g/3gs vibrator replacement
  • iPhone 3g/3gs cracked screen repair
  • iPhone 4 screen replacement
  • iPhone 4 speaker replacement
  • iPhone 4 camera replacement
  • iPhone 4 Home button replacement
  • iPhone 4 on/off button replacement
  • iPhone 4 volume button replacement
  • iPhone 4 vibrator replacement
  • iPhone 4 cracked screen repair
  • iPhone 5 screen replacement
  • iPhone 5 speaker replacement
  • iPhone 5 camera replacement
  • iPhone 5 Home button replacement
  • iPhone 5 on/off button replacement
  • iPhone 5 volume button replacement
  • iPhone 5 vibrator replacement
  • iPhone 5 cracked screen repair
  • iPhone 5s screen replacement
  • iPhone 5s speaker replacement
  • iPhone 5s camera replacement
  • iPhone 5s Home button replacement
  • iPhone 5s on/off button replacement
  • iPhone 5s volume button replacement
  • iPhone 5s vibrator replacement
  • iPhone 5s cracked screen repair
  • iPhone 5c screen replacement
  • iPhone 5c speaker replacement
  • iPhone 5c camera replacement
  • iPhone 5c Home button replacement
  • iPhone 5c on/off button replacement
  • iPhone 5c volume button replacement
  • iPhone 5c vibrator replacement
  • iPhone 5c cracked screen repair

For any questions regarding iPhone repair in Schaumburg, call us at 847-348-0264 to speak to a friendly cell phone repair technician.

iPhones break very frequently, most commonly they require screen replacement or some kind of recovery on the back of water damage. Whatever your needs and concerns may be, call one of our friendly agents for a free consultation on how we can bring your iPhone back to life.

Find the best iPhone repair in Schaumburg

You want a store that offers you a return policy on all repairs and labor. You need a store that will give you a refund if you are not satisfied with the service. You long for an iPhone repair in Schaumburg that will offer you a one year warranty on their service, and why not? You have spent good money on excellent technology and you certainly do not need to take risks in sending it to someone who could potentially thieve your personal property or information! We are your reputable iPhone repair in Schaumburg and employ skilled technicians that know the ins and outs of the entire iPhone range.

Owners of iPhones are often told that they should not go through the ordeal of having their devices repaired if they have adequate insurance as covered by their cellular provider. The truth is that most plans indicate that the owner is responsible for a deductible amount when a claim is made. This amount will often exceed the true cost of the actual repair. Once you find your iPhone is not working properly, iPhone repair in Schaumburg will assess the damage and provide you with the repair options. This will save you valuable time and money, as it will be far below the costs of your mobile service provider.

“I brought in my iPhone 4 for repair on Monday. My screen was smashed and all the interal pieces were falling out. Basically imagine my phone was run over by a car and you pretty much have got the picture. George was at the counter and said he couldn’t promise anything but said he’d look at it for free and see what could be done. He asked me to come back in 3 hours so I left the phone. When I came back I could not believe my eyes. He handed me what I thought was a brand new phone. He was able to replace the screen, backing, camera, and battery. I saved a lot of money compared to the cost of buying a new one or getting it fixed at the Apple store. That said, the frame was still scuffed but the service still exceeded my expectations and the phone still works today 6 months later like it had before.”

-Dan S. Mount Prospect, IL

This little shop is located across the street from a nightclub in Schaumburg. Long story short, my phone got water damaged one night and as I was leaving the club I noticed that they fix phone and computers across the street so I came back in the morning hours and sure enough, they were able to fix it. Just a tip, they said it’s good I came as soon as possible because water and alcohol damage the phone the longer that it sits. If you ever find yourself in that position, just take their advice and remove the battery and store it in a dry place until you can bring it in.

-Marta K. Palatine, IL

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