Google Chromecast is taking over

Chromecast is Google’s very own video and audio streaming device that you can use with your television. How do you use it? Let’s say you have a tablet and a nice TV but no play station or smart TV for watching programs films on YouTube or Netflix. How do you solve the problem of getting your films and video onto TV? That’s where Google Chromecast comes in. You just plug the little device into one of your HDMI ports and download the Application for Chromecast from your respective App store. Connect to your device and boom, you’re broadcasting wirelessly onto your TV.

How expensive is Chromecast?

As it happens, it’s not expensive at all. The technology only costs $35 and you can order directly from Google or buy it in many computer and electronics stores.

Why should you care about Chromecast?

Simply put, it’s taking over. Featuring new possibilities to stream every day, Google Chromecast is positioned to take over. There’s a lot of buzz over built in media streaming services directly from Google as well.

Despite a decent drop in market share over the past year amid increased competition, Roku remains the leader among set-top boxes and streaming media sticks, accounting for 29 percent of the market in the 9-month period, down from 46 percent in 2013. Google’s Chromecast stick had a strong showing in 2014, climbing to the number two slot with 20 percent market share and knocking the Apple TV down to number three. With 17 percent share, the Apple TV remains in front of Amazon’s Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, which together accounted for 10 percent market share, although the Fire TV stick is just now rolling out to consumers.

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