Welcoming the iPad Pro 12″ Tablet To the Apple Family

Rumors have been swarming us since December about a mysterious new iPad “PRO” but now things are really shaping up. Apple takes their products seriously and sticks to their core identity┬áthat Apple is a device manufacturer. The simple fact of the matter is that Apple has pumped out the most revolutionary technologies in terms of consumer electronics since the new millennium. The core focus of their devices is to deliver simple and intuitive products that help users get closer to digital content without the limitations and restrictions of complex interfaces and technical skills. Every year, Apple seeks new opportunities to do it again and repeat their previous success.

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Now, Apple believe’s they’ve got it again. What SUVs did for cars and trucks, Apple hopes the iPad Pro will do for tablets and laptops. Competing in the same space as the revolutionary Microsoft Surface Pro line of tablet/laptops, Apple is releasing an iPad that is meant to deliver the ultimate unified experience in terms of portability and functionality. While iPads were downright awesome and made us feel like we’re getting into the “Jetsons Age,” they were fun to play with but impractical to work on. Compound that by the fact that the device is relatively bulky and barely allows for one free hand to operate it. The technology just wasn’t there and so while sales have improved, the margins are not what Apple was targeting and studies have concluded that the iPad sells based on it’s novelty, not it’s utility.

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The iPad Pro sticks by most of its siblings, including volume rockers on the right side of the device, a lock button on the top right, a Lightning charger on its bottom center, and a Touch ID capacitive home button sitting in its normal central position. What makes the iPad Pro different, is the rumored power under the hood, the economy of devices and accessories that will roll out with it that enable better productivity, and the indication that Apple is designing a built-in Stylus (similar to what we’ve seen with competing SAMSUNG tablets). While we’re waiting to see what comes under the hood in terms of performance specs, leaks have indicated it will be the same or better in terms of the last generation of Macbook Pros. There are even rumors of a potential 5k display. As always, we’ll keep you posted as the story develops and we count down to the next Apple keynote conference.


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