Despite its amazing functionality most iPhone users are not aware of the “Find My iPhone” (or “iPad”) feature introduced alongside the update to iOS 7. “Find My Phone” has many options to track, lock, and erase your iPhone or iPad remotely in the case that is has been lost or stolen. In this post I will teach you how to use “Find My iPhone” with your iOS 7 iPhone or iPad.


1.) An iOS 7 iPad or iPhone with “Find my iPhone” enabled

To enable “Find My iPhone” you must enable “iCloud” using an Apple account. This can be accomplished by going to “Settings” > “iCloud” to arrive at the screen below. When setting up “iCloud” for the first time users will be prompted to enable “Find My iPhone”.


If you opted out of “Find My iPhone” when you initially setup “iCloud” you  may go to “Settings” > “iCloud” > “Find My iPhone” as shown below to enable it.



2.) Another iOS 7 iPhone or iPad with internet access, and the “Find My iPhone” companion app installed. The companion app is available for free download in the iTunes Store

Using the “Find My iPhone” App

1.) Open the “Find My iPhone” app on an iOS device.

2.) Log into “Find My iPhone” using the “iCloud” account that you set up on the lost or stolen device.


3.) After logging in you will be shown a list of all iOS7 iPhones or iPads tied to this “iCloud” account with “Find My iPhone” enabled. Select the device in question from the list to view a larger map view. Last known location will be shown as well as active location if available (the battery must be charged and there must be an active data connection).



4.) You can now click “Actions” on the bottom of this screen. You will be presented with a few options. “Play Sound” on the left will play a sound on your iPhone or iPad regardless of volume setting on that device, this is useful for when you misplace your iPhone or iPad around the house. If you believe your device has been stolen it is recommended to put it into “Lost Mode” using the appropriate button. If you would like as an additional security measure you may remotely erase the iPhone or iPad with the “Erase iPhone” option.


5.) If you would like direction to your iPhone or iPad you may click the “Car” icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen above.


Hopefully this helps those of you who were unaware of the built in features of your iOS7 iPhone or iPad that can allow you to track, lock, and erase your device when lost or stolen. Look for more great guides here at ZombieTechs.

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