The new iPhone 7 is here – what can you expect to get if you take the plunge? The 7 includes an improved camera, increased water resistance and changes to the way you listen to music and media on your phone.

What’s New?

The newest version of the iPhone has a striking resemblance to the 6 but there are some upgrades waiting for new users. The iPhone 7 is designed to have increased water resistance, which may not seem like a big deal at the point of purchase, but which anyone caught in a rainstorm will appreciate.

The home button is different and has been incorporated into a touch panel, which may take some getting used to for existing iPhone users used to a separate and distinct button to push. The screen and touch technology are the same as the iPhone 6; the Retina display has been brightened considerably – about 25% brighter than previous versions.  The iPhone 7 Plus also features a dual rear camera in addition to the single camera in the front.

The iPhone 7 promised an improved camera, longer battery life and better audio quality, but the most noticeable change is the missing headphone jack.

Where’s the Headphone Jack?

iphone repair in schaumburgThe biggest change to the iPhone 7 from previous version is the removal of the headphone jack. Designed to be fully wireless, the iPhone is compatible with Apple’s newest earbuds: Air Pods. Air Pods are designed to stay in place when worn, even during vigorous movement or activity and are a separate accessory purchase. According to Apple, the headphone jack was removed to make way for improved technology and to improve overall audio quality.

The new iPhone does arrive with a small dongle, that allows the charging port to be converted for use as a headphone jack, but accessory companies are already working furiously to create pieces that allow the phone to be charged and listened to at the same time. The removal of the headphone hack is seen as a big opportunity for third party vendors wishing to provide alternatives to the Air Pods and to solve the “charge while listening” dilemma.

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