2015 Was the year of the Smart Watch

No doubt that 2015 was a big year for tech wearables. It was the year we were introduced to the Apple Watch and the more popular line of Fitbit watches. I personally use a Fitbit HR every day to keep an eye on my heart rate, calories, and steps. It seems like tech wearables are the latest craze. Pebble, which has been a cheap smartwatch that really only told time is majorly stepping up their game so as not to be left behind by the emerging big dogs. To our knowledge there’s tons of smartwatches, and we found a great website for you to look at them all.

What’s new for 2016


All smartwatches are adopting NEC-based payment systems. The idea is to create an environment whereby your watch is used to pay for things at the check out line. Most smarwatches already have a built-in wallet app which allows you to upload your personal card info and then pay with the card of your choice. Pebble is a company to look out for because they’ve got the longest way to go in terms of developing their product but they have already shown huge progress and made great strides in creating a brand new fitness wearable.

Hybrid Display

The display is probably the most contentious issue with smartwatches besides battery life. Many company’s are working feverishly to find the most attractive way to display info that most users find critical as well as find a way to give users the choice to customize their displays. The team behind the Moto 360 (picture below) is working on a display that automatically adjusts itself to dim or bright lighting. The idea is that the smartwatch will also allow you to customize information for the home display so you can choose health and tracking metrics that you’re most interested in.

Moto 360 Sport review

Luxury Smart Watches & Wearables

It was only a matter of time until the dinosaur big dogs of the mechanical watch world enter into the market for smart technologies. Companies like Tissot, Fossil, and many many others are working to develop a luxury smartwatch consistent with their brand image and industry expertise. Many companies are struggling to find a middle ground as the very nature of the luxury watch industry revolves around superior mechanical engineering and hand crafted assembly. Those things have little to do with making digital watches in the 21st century. We’re eagerly waiting to see what’s around the corner for us as the luxury watch makers rally to get their projects into the market.

Guess Connect : Hybrid Premium Smartwatch with a digital lettering


HP shows off blingy new smartwatch

HP Smartwatch for Women

source (9to5mac.com)

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