If you’ve been following our blog, you know that we’re keeping a close eye on all the upcoming smart watches. As it happens right now there’s already a few floating around in the market but they’ve not been ground breaking enough or stylish enough to break all the ice and intimidation around the topic. Smart accessories like the anticipated Google Glass and smart shoes (which track running, speed, and more) are becoming a way of life slowly. They help us understand ourselves and improve our way of life. While smart watches have been some of the slowest areas to grow, we have just seen a model by HP that’s coming into production soon and it could be a ground breaker. Enter, the HP smart watch:

hp smart watch

Michael Bastian is the designer of this watch and through reports we’ve heard from engadget.com, this watch will feature a 44mm thick case made of stainless steel.

Bastian says the design cues came from luxury automobiles, namely interior features like the dashboard and trim. Meanwhile, HP will will add the watch’s smart features, which will include notifications like email, text and calls, along with user controls for music and other apps.

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