Samsung had a weak Q2 this season and blames cheap mobile phones from China saying they have been eating into the company’s profits. Seoul-based analyst agency Counterpoint however, feels there’s more behind the scenes – the brand new Galaxy S5 flagship continues to be under performing in comparison to the iPhone.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 offered only 5 million models in May and Counterpoint estimations at the time time continued to be unchanged in June. The Apple iPhone 5s by comparison sold seven million models in May, practically identical to the what apple iphone 5 was selling this past year. The Galaxy S4 could match the apple iphone this past year with seven million models per month. Still, the numbers are great and expected to grow based on the constantly evolving cell phone consumer market.

The company thinks the Galaxy S5 fell behind its predecessor because Samsung was unsuccessful in meeting consumer anticipation relevant to screen quality and also the plastic build from the device.

Counterpoint’s figures reveal that Apple’s premium prices are not harming the organization, that is getting consistent sales amounts from the flagship. It is also doing okay using its 4″-only smartphone when confronted with Android “phones” with screen dimensions varying from threeInch approximately completely to 7″. The bigger picture here is likely to the fact that users prefer the iOS operating system over Android but the future of the competition between these two systems remains to be seen.

The company thinks the Galaxy flagship is being harmed because the Galaxy brand continues to be diluted with cheap phones.

If that is the situation, the rumored Samsung Galaxy F having a metal body and bigger, QHD screen will have to appear in the market soon. You will find some conflicting gossip concerning the Galaxy F, though the newest information released by the company claims the model phone to be the brand new premium line (known as Alpha) which will be revealed within a month’s time.


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