Samsung is in trouble

“During its Wednesday earnings call, Apple rival Samsung Electronics reported net profit of 4.63 trillion won ($4.35 billion) for the January to March quarter, a 39% drop from its net profit of 7.49 trillion won in the year ago quarter.” Says credible reporting blog Over the years though Samsung has become more involved with the building and manufacturing end of popular consumer electronics, especially where Apple iPhone family is concerned, but they haven’t been able to sell their own phones on the same level that Apple has. It’s a popular business model in Asia  to seek a vertical monopoly over any given area and based on the years of corporate assassinations we’ve watched occur, there’s evidence that strongly supports Samsung is part of a phone industry takeover. Some would argue the rising popularity of the Apple iPhone is due to the fact that iOS is a better operating system than Android; either way, it’s a game of popularity.

Despite the consistent yearly profit loss, Samsung’s performance in the middle end phone range is actually improving. If you don’t know what the middle end phone range is, think of the Galaxy A.

Samsung can expect to see an increase in sales this coming quarter with the release of the S6 and the S6 Edge. We’ll keep you posted.


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