Samsung Announces Wireless earbuds

samsung wireless earbudsSummer is here and that means people all over the United States are going to be moving around and taking their phones everywhere with them. Just in time for summer, Samsung has announced their new wireless earbuds and the tech community’s jaws have dropped. These new earbuds are a shocker for a number of reasons but mainly because this was going to be one of the big companion products for the highly anticipated iPhone 7. In other words, it looks like Samsung is trying to steal the thunder before Apple’s new iPhone 7 release and this will be a guaranteed way to do it. It means that if these earbuds are actually good, they could tip more of the market share away from Apple and bring money into the pockets of Samsung. The battery life on these little wireless earbuds is about an hour and a half unless you use the built-in storage. If you turn Bluetooth off and just upload your songs directly to Samsung’s wireless earbuds, you can get about 3.5 hours of playback time. Notoriously, most wireless earbuds suck really really bad. In fact, they’re so unbearable that I have personally bought and returned 3 different pairs of wireless earbuds just because the quality doesn’t even come close to the wired experience. The earbuds are going to cost just over $100 USD. Check out the video below that we found on Macrumors.