Autonomous Vehicles are coming

It’s hard to say when this vision of autonomous driving can truly become a reality but we’re approaching that reality at great speeds. Elon Musk has become famous for pushing the market forward into the world of autonomous cars and says that autonomous driving will be the landmark of society in the 21st century. Above is a video that details the great feats of autonomous vehicles until now and paints a beautiful picture for the future of how autonomous driving might work. People all over the United States rejoice at the possibility that that a car might be connected back to their smartphones which can pull itself out of the garage, dock itself, and even pick them up from the bar after a long night out.

Who is at the forefront of making this technology work?

The answer may surprise you. Investors believe that nVidia will be the leader in making the vision of autonomous cars a reality. The graphics card manufacturing giant nVidia is currently producing chips that help the autonomous cars see with digital eyes and translate that info into a virtual reality that the car’s on-board computer can read. IBD, among other investment authorities, says that this stock is in the top 50 stocks to follow right now and could be one of the most rewarding investments in the history of autonomous driving.

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