Apple is going to feature rewards points in different programs

We all know about the iPhone and iPad apps like Passbook and Health by now but they’re still in early stages of use and functionality so many people ignore these programs completely. Apple knows they have the power to build new ecosystems with certain apps like Apple Pay, Passbook, Health, and other rumored apps (similar in function to Yelp! which will we report on when more information is availabe). So how do you get more users to use Apps they aren’t taking advantage of in their daily lives? Apple believes that the answer lies in loyalty points designed to change the way of American life and standardize it to a new age of iPhone dependency.

The loyalty program looks like it will come this year, based on Digiday’s timetable. This was unexpected — many had assumed the program would wait until the launch of Apple Pay 2.0, tentatively scheduled for October 2015. It looks like market demand pushed the timetable up to this holiday season, which my sources within the retail industry have said for sme time is “super unlikely.”


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