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Playstation 4 Repair

Have You Experienced Gaming Console Issues? In ZombieTechs We Fix Playstation 4 Consoles. We Offer PS4 HDMI Port Repair & Wide Range Of PS4 Repair Schaumburg

PlayStation 4 Repair Schaumburg

Broken HDMI port? PS4 won’t turn on? No problem, Zombie Techs Computer Repair in Schaumburg now offers PlayStation 4 repair. Call or stop by our store location with your PlayStation for a free consultation. Most repairs can be performed same day.

Common PlayStation 4 Power Issue

The most commonly reported online issue for PlayStation 4 is power issues. Most of the time users describe their PS4 shutting off while they’re in the middle of a game of movie and they can’t get it back on. This is usually caused by power issues within the PS4’s motherboard, on-board graphics card, or the charging port itself.

To fix the PlayStation 4 issue, try these three solutions recommended by users who have had similar problems:

  • To start, check your HDMI cable and the HDMI ports on the TV. If there are issues with the cable or the ports, they could be causing the problem you’re experiencing.
  • To reset your PlayStation 4, turn it off for three to five minutes. Unplug all of the cables that were connecting it to other devices.
  • Place your PlayStation 4 in an open area for better ventilation. If desired, point an external fan toward it to help maintain optimal system performance.

If neither of these solutions help, call or stop by the Zombie Techs to have your PS4 checked out. You may be dealing with a technical problem that requires an IT professional in-house solution. If you’re finding that power issues like this are occurring more than once or on several occasions, it’s best to bring your PS4 in for a look by one of our techs. Trying to use the PS4 indefinitely with power issues like this is a recipe for a much more serious failure on the part of the PS4. Most issues within the PS4 generate as a result of overheating. Prolonged exposure to overheating can destroy many of the components inside of the PS4. Blinking red lights and lack of audio also signal bigger problems.