Intel Skylake Processors

If you’re a techie fanboy like us (and our site analytics show that there is a 70% chance you are) this news will probably excite you. The last run of Macbook Pros was not that cool. They weren’t huge improvements over their predecessors, they came with all new cables and form factors, and the company tried to us to opt for the Macbook Air which just lacks the horsepower that a lot of users seek. Well, Intel is here to save the day for most of us with their Skylake processors which have been under development seemingly forever. The developments also indicate an improved focus on delivering a better gaming experience to the growing market of pc and Apple gamers.

skylake performance benefitsThese images came from FanlessTech but we found them on

What we learned is that these processors will be adept at wireless communication as well because there is supposed to be better hand-in-hand processing for Intel devices. Frankly the performance specs are pretty curious in consideration of the nanometer technology and the circulating rumors that the dies are becoming impossibly small. Take a look at the performance specs on the upcoming MacBook lineup:

Y-Series (MacBook): Up to 17% faster CPU, up to 41% faster Intel HD graphics, up to 1.4 hours longer battery life
U-Series (MacBook Air): Up to 10% faster CPU, up to 34% faster Intel HD graphics, up to 1.4 hours longer battery life
H-Series (MacBook Pro): Up to 11% faster CPU, up to 16% faster Intel HD graphics, up to 80% lower silicon power
S-Series (iMac): Up to 11% faster CPU, up to 28% faster Intel HD graphics, 22% lower TDP (thermal design power)  -Macrumors

macbook skylake processor

Clearly we’re going to see some major gains with the new processors for upcoming Macbooks. This doesn’t come as a surprise but if you read the other articles on our blog, you’d be concerned too because Apple has officially begun research on developing their own processors in competition with Intel to have more control over the hardware that goes into their machines and to improve the cost of manufacturing (so that they can pass on more discounts to us.. of course). Comments?

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