Samsung is out to slam Apple (Again)

On the surface, it might seem like a simple decision right? iPhone 6 or Samsung S6 should be a no brainer, anyone who uses Android would take the S6 and those of us using iOS would jump after the iPhone 6 right? It turns out that that’s largely become the case. There’s a war for ideas out there more so than devices, but with Apple becoming highly successful over the last 15 years with selling devices, the war for ideas has been shaped by the adoption and re-adoption of the same platform transitioning through likeable, intuitive, and increasingly powerful devices. As a result, Samsung’s ads target the fact that you’re actually paying more to get less from Apple iPhones and they do make a great case. Take a look below:

(wireless charging is pretty cool)

What does the landscape look like for Apple iPhones versus Samsung phones in our market? We believe this diagram from paints the picture clearly:

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Based on this information you can see that Apple has a stake in more than 50% of phones out on the market, meanwhile the rest of the phones comprise less than the other 50% of the market. Samsung is the currently leader in Android phone sales at almost 25% of the market compared to double that of Apple. What does this picture mean to you? Leave your comments below in the post.

Here’s another great link if this subject really interests you to a Yahoo article feature a detailed breakdown and more analysis evidently supposed by Nielsen.

Objective Review

Check out this link below for a more objective look at the two phones. Trusted Review. Regardless of your preference, Zombie Techs offers special phone repair services for all major smart phones in the market today, not restricted to Apple iPhone repair but also Samsung, Asus, HTC, LG, & more.

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