AMD is releasing an amazing CPU

The development wars between AMD and Intel are as old as time. Over the last few years we’ve seen a lot of divergence between the two manufacturers as they’ve both been trying to reach different market segments. AMD has seemed to make their focus about delivering graphics performance to a low end market where cost savings and budget consciousness reigned king. The gaming world was let down but Intel did deliver very good performance so as not to throttle the tech world with weak processors. Now we’re seeing some new technology from AMD indicating some real contenders for Intel’s top of the line processors. In fact they’ve parted ways with a lot of their old designs and one of the big sellers is a technology SMT which stands for Simultaneous Multi-Threading.┬áSMT permits multiple independent threads of execution from single processing cores. Early clock speed tests we’ve seen online indicate 8.0Ghz frequencies with 2.0V+ on the chip.

amd zen core



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