Is your iPhone battery running out of power too fast?

Many users are reporting constantly reoccurring issues with their cell phones running out of battery power too quickly. Some of the reasons that this happen are because the batteries are always slowly dying. Keeping them plugged into a charger all night can degrade performance. At the same time if you have a charger that is not correctly regulated for the proper voltage distribution, you can harm the charging port, battery, and more. Both of these things will cause lower battery life/capacity as time goes on. If you do need a replacement charger, they can be as much as $20+ at major big box stores or manufacturer websites. Fortunately, you can get a major savings at where we sell the right chargers for as much as $10 (we also offer the same great products for your car around the same price) and if you live on Algonquin Rd in Schaumburg we’re even closer to you than the other stores.

Do Non-Original Chargers work?

Sure they work, they fit into all the right holes and run power through them but often times they break and if they’re not properly rated you’ll get weird messages on the screen like “This Device may not be supported” and so on. Try to use known working or genuine chargers at all times to avoid causing irreversible damage to your iPhone battery.