iPhone 6S will have Force Touch

This is awesome news. The iPhone 6S is following the unprecedented success of the dual iPhone 6 and 6+ launch last year. What can Apple bring to the table to hit this one out of the park like they did with their last phone release. We know this much so far, the screen sizes are not going to be any larger, but they will be thicker as demonstrated by the leaked photos we found on 9to5mac. Like they say on their article. you can see an area where some machine incisions have been made which will fit components closer to the actual display, whereas normally this area is reserved for protection so that the display doesn’t encounter any parts inside of the phone. The metal backings also work as a small heat shield but it’s really redundant if you ask me (leave it to the guys at Apple).

Here’s a video demonstrating how Force Touch works:

How do you feel about force touch? Will it help or are iPhones getting too complicated to use these days?

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