With the iPhone 5 on the horizon and Samsung’s Galaxy S5 already in stores, Google has finally made their announcement regarding their next smartphone. Google’s next smartphone, aptly named the “Google Nexus 6”, is sure to follow up on last year’s “Nexus 5” with similarly impressive specs and an even more impressive price. Expect the “Nexus 6” to arrive in September or October and retail for around $350 off contract. While official specs have not yet been released it can be reasonably assumed that it will share almost all parts and features with LG’s flagship smartphone, the “G3”. It has been confirmed that the “Nexus 6” will feature a 5.5-inch screen identical to the one contained within LG’s “G3” smartphone as well as sporting the latest version of Google’s Android operating system. The Google “Nexus 6” is targeted towards those individuals who prefer the cleanest, purest Android experience available, a no compromise feature set, and an amazing off contract price. As is customary at this point, Google’s “Nexus 6” will be factory unlocked ready to use with any SIM┬ácard. Keep an eye out for the “Nexus 6” this fall.


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Source: techradar, knowyourmobile