Beware the fake iPhone 8 clones starting to hit the internet

Everybody is rearing up and getting excited for the release of the iPhone 8. The most notable feature of the upcoming blockbuster phone is going to be a full surface screen backed by OLED screens which we have not yet seen real pictures of on the internet. Though we’re still a few months away from the release, bogus iPhone 8 videos are starting to appear online as part of a scam to get clicks and hype while taking advantage of the enormous buzz around iPhone 8.

This particular dummy device, said to be a CNC model, aligns with design drawings and rumors pointing towards an edge-to-edge display with a glass body encased in a shiny stainless steel frame. There is no Home button and no visible Touch ID sensor, suggesting it is built into the display, which would be in line with many rumors.

Taken from this article at Macrumors. Apple is still testing prototypes of the phone before they got into mass scale production so don’t be fooled by anything you see right now that offers you a glimpse at the new iPhone 8. When the photos leak you can count on us that we’ll be among the first to have it. As far as we know Apple still hasn’t agreed on a full out design and there are rumors circulating of a possible triple phone release when the phones come out.

What we know so far about the upcoming iPhone 8 release

The phone is going to have an aluminum frame with hidden antennas like previous models (pictured below)

It’s going to measure in at 149.5mm tall and 72.5mm wide, slightly larger than the 4.7-inch iPhone 7, which measures in at 138.3mm by 67.1mm. Apple’s work on an aluminum iPhone 8 prototype was first outlined by Bloomberg. Below you can find the best purported look leaked from China of the design schematic for the surface of the iPhone 8 with OLED technology.

There is also a rumor circulating that Apple will feature a new USB-C charging port and dump their lightning port cables. The move to USB-C chargers will also allow much faster charging time for Apple products that adopt this technology. The iPhone 8 is also supposed to feature wireless charging accorrding to securities analyst Ming Kuo. The processor for the upcoming series of phones is listed as Apple’s new A11 chip and takes advantage of a 10-nanometer FinFET manufacturing process. It’s supposed to be more power efficient and faster than the preceding A10 processor built on a 16-nanometer process and used in the iPhone 7 lineup of phones. The A11 processor is also supposed to be much better for battery efficiency and we’re expecting that to be the case based on the huge strides that the A10 processor made over previous chips that Apple was working on.

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