What is Drake doing in this video?

Drake’s latest project “More Life” has been streamed more than 300 million times worldwide in its first week of release and set a record with 89.9 million streams within it’s first 24 hours on Apple’s new streaming service. According to the Verge, the album will fetch over 600 million streams worldwide which would also be a record for any single album. To put things into perspective, Ed Sheerhan’s Divide picked up near 50 million streams in comparison and was considered to be the record buster album up to that time. Where Drake used to release his music through SoundCloud where he dominated the platform, he’s now the single most popular artist on the new Beats 1 / Apple Music. His latest album is a crowning success on nearly a full decade through which Drake hasn’t left the top 100 charts. In fact, a recent Tweet from OVO SOUND (#OVOWOEDI) says “Since Best I Ever Had in 2009 there hasn’t been a week @Drake wasn’t on the Billboard Hot 100. Unbelievable.” While it does seem impossible, it turns out that this is a fact. The singer from Toronto has spent 400 consecutive weeks on the Hot 100, making him an elite in the music industry unlike any other. Drake has moved to Apple Music since his hit “Back to Back” two years ago and has stayed with them since.

“What we saw on Drake’s radio show were TV numbers,”

says Jimmy Iovine (Apple executive, co-founder of Interscope records, and partner to Dr. Dre when founding Beats Electronics).

Jimmy Iovine says Apple would have “400 Million” Listeners if it had a free version.

The Apple executive recently sat down for an interview with Music Business Worldwide where he talked about his desire for more people to pay for music. Jimmy has been a pioneer in music and hates free streaming or sharing services like Limewire, Napster, and other forms of peer-to-peer sharing. He says that free music is technically good enough to listen to, so much so that people prefer it to music which is paid. Nevertheless he believes that his work at Beats and Apple have shown that people will pay for high quality music backed by great platforms like what Apple offers.

I’ve put my money where my mouth is: Beats Music didn’t have a free tier. Apple Music doesn’t have a free tier.

I’m not just talking it; I’m walking it. That’s why I aligned with Eddy and Tim and Steve. They thought the same way.

I think what’s going on [with free music] is wrong. I just do.

Jimmy Iovine

Drake Interview on the move to Apple Music