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Learn More About History Of Our Laptop & Computer Repair Services Inverness

There are so many people that pay too much for electronic and computer repair services Inverness and for this very reason we started Zombie Tech back in 2010. When we first started, removing viruses from computers was an expensive procedure that required at least 150$ to complete, let alone other issues that may pop up while the computer repair services Inverness are taking place. During this time period, Best Buy and other companies handled the laptop repair Inverness process. The issue with this arose when the service did not provide valuable protection measures that customers needed and cost them a fortune to get done. Many of our workers were previously a part of these teams who felt powerless because they knew they could provide the right pc repair Inverness solution but were unable to do so due to restrictions, company practices, and standard procedures. Because of this problem, Zombie Techs was started to offer an option to this issue where the client could be given a fair price for a quality service that solved their laptop repair Inverness needs among other issues. It’s amazing how far we have come from those days. We have now provided computer repair services to over 20,000 customers in our local area. We have now built our skills to a point to where we are known as the consummate professionals in our area with the ability to do fixes on multiple devices regardless of what brand you have. We now offer iPad LCD screen repair, macbook repair, as well as laptop repair Inverness. Our customers appreciate our fast response times and cheap prices because we offer a complete fix of your iPhone screen in less than 30 minutes for just 100$


Rejuvenate Your Devices with Our PC Repair Inverness Techniques

iPhone Repair

A service we’re often looked at for is the most successful iPhone repair Inverness iPhone owners recommend. We are vastly experienced with the particular components of these devices and the common problems users face, such as damage from humidity and mishandling. We offer our clients an outstanding 95% successful repair rate.

PC Services

You can access the fastest pc repair Inverness service at affordable prices at any of our locations. We work under the most advanced protocols, and use the best tools to deliver the laptop and computer repair Inverness customers expect. Our service catalog includes special work, such as custom computer assembly.

iPad And Tablet Repair

Tablet and iPad issues are harder to solve than the usual computer repair Inverness technicians face. Our team of experts know what it takes to tackle any issue with your device, including replacing broken glass. We can bring your tablet back to its functional state faster than any other repair business in the area.

Macbook And Apple Products Repair

More than 100 Macbooks issues addressed in two years has given us the experience in Macbook repair Inverness customers are looking for. These machines have different issues than PCs, as seen in overload boards that can usually be fixed without the need of replacement with a new motherboard.

Game Console Repair

Our experienced staff can identify any issues affecting your game console, and address it effectively. We understand the value of your Playstation, Xbox, or Nintendo, and we’ll treat it accordingly. If you want to go back to gaming ASAP, bring your device to the experts in PS4 repair Inverness gamers prefer.

Smartphone Repair

No smartphone repair is too challenging for our team of expert technicians. With our experience providing timely solutions for our clients, we have become the most reliable providers of services of cell phone repair Inverness offers. Come to our store and find out what makes us the most reliable professionals in the area.

If You Notice Any of the Following Signs It May Be Time to Contact Computer Repair Inverness Services

Engage with Our Top-notch Computer Repair Inverness Brigade

You should always be sure to take your laptop repair Inverness issues to an expert early at first signs of problematic behavior instead of waiting for your device to fully crash. Consulting a professional can help you to keep the information that you need so that it doesn’t get deleted by accident. Here are a few things to look for before calling a professional to help out.

Your Computer Gets Slow
Once your computer begins to slow down and your applications aren’t functioning as they normally would you should get in contact with a computer repair Inverness specialist to take a look at your device and perform computer repair services inverness. Our experts get right down to business and find the bugs that are affecting your system. Once we figure this out we get right to work and get your device back to you as good as new in no time.

Getting the correct antivirus software installed on your system is critical to your long-term success. Our computer services Inverness team specializes in keeping your system safe from common threats such as the Trojan infection which can damage your files. Don’t allow a virus to take over your computer. Call one of our laptop repair Inverness specialists and let us help you to solve this issue for you by protecting your device for years to come.

Accessories Not Working
Computers are known to experience problems if you connect incompatible equipment to them. If you have a mouse, printer or charger that is not supposed to be connected to your computer you will experience problems that a computer services Inverness team will have to solve for you. Bad batteries and hardware issues could be the culprit here. Hiring our laptop repair Inverness team allows our experts to give you a detailed analysis of the problem and set a plan of action on correcting this issue as soon as possible.

No Space in Computer
Your computer is likely to crash if you are running it at full RAM capacity. This makes your computer work too hard to do its everyday tasks and can result in you losing valuable information on your system. Waiting for the computer to fix this problem itself can take forever so getting in touch with a computer repair service Inverness is your best bet for fast and efficient service. We offer a product at a great cost that keeps your device safe and saves you time in the long run.

Why You Should Always Choose ZombieTech For Your
Apple Devices & Computer Repair Inverness

Premium PC Repair Inverness at Zombietech

Provides a Huge Selection of Options for Help

We do computer repair Inverness, iPads, tablets, iPhones, and all the other main brands of mobile devices, as well as Macbooks and other hardware made by Apple. Repairing any kind of technology is second nature to our professional pc repair Inverness specialists.

Long Tenure In The Field

For over a decade, we’ve been providing excellent computer services Inverness to our clients. We have serviced over 13,000 computers and other electronic devices in this district. You won’t find greater quality and service anywhere else since we only employ the most talented staff and provide superior support to our customers at reasonable rates.

Reasonable Costs

You don’t want to spend as much on laptop repair or computer repair Inverness as you did on the computer or other technological gear in the first place. This could occur at some of our competitor brands, but it won’t at ours. We maintain the lowest costs and the finest quality computer and laptop repairs Inverness services.


Streamlined Services for Your PlayStation 4 Repair Inverness

Playstation repair is what Zombie Tech does best. We’ve been fixing video game consoles professionally, affordably, and well for over 26 years. Customers keep coming back to us for Playstation 4 Repairs such as PS4 HDMI port repair Inverness, preventive cleaning, upgrades, and any common fixes because we have great customer service and a clear way of letting them know what’s going on.

You can be certain that the quality of our PS4 repair Inverness services will not be compromised. We can usually complete most repairs within 24 hours. In little time, we will have you seated again. Fans, HD Blu-Ray lasers, and flashing lights are just some of the most frequent PlayStation 4 repair Inverness services. We’re certain that we can solve any issue you’re having. Our adept playstation repair Inverness experts are here to make getting your PlayStation 4 fixed as easy as possible by keeping you in the loop with real-time status updates.


Delve into the Art of Top Quality Apple Repair Inverness

Having a broken iPhone can be incredibly deflating, especially when you don’t have the time or resources to go to the Apple Store. You may be considering since that very moment to get an adept apple repair Inverness technician that could look into your iPhone and get it fixed properly so you can keep enjoying your device for a long time.

You may have vital data on your phone that you don’t want to lose, causing you to ask yourself “How can I get my iPhone fixed at my location?”. The answer is Zombie Tech, a reliable Apple repair Inverness service that promises to bring your iPhone back to great condition without risking getting it more damaged during the repair process and that can also offer iPhone screen repair or iPhone battery replacement Inverness.

When you contact Zombie Tech about your iPhone, you will be petitioned to explain the issue. We will use this information to diagnose the issue and provide you with the best Macbook repair Inverness. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction and guarantee quality results. As a leading iPhone repair service, you can be sure that you will receive the best service.


Embrace the Pinnacle of Cell Phone Repair Inverness Excellence

A malfunctioning phone needs not to spoil your day. We have seen everything, from lacerated fingers to a smartphone wrapped in cellophane and unable to hold a charge. We support the “Right to Repair” and understand the importance of this often-neglected and diminishing freedom.

You are allowed to perform cell phone repair Inverness. Instead of spending time, energy, and risk on a do-it-yourself solution, we recommend bringing it to a local phone repair business. There is no need to trash, toss away, and send everything to a landfill. Cell phone screen repair Inverness your phone adds to the sustainability of a disposable-oriented society.

Phone maintenance is a basic right. The phone was bought, and it is now yours. You have the choice of fixing or replacing your phone if it’s not repairable. Consult an expert in cell phone repair Inverness for aid with this somewhat difficult choice. Are you REQUIRED to acquire a new phone, or can your current one be repaired? Consumerism pushes us to replace things, despite the fact that they can frequently be fixed at a far lesser cost. Your electronic device may have a longer lifespan, which is more inexpensive. Contact your local cell phone screen repair Inverness business to find out.


iPhone Repair Inverness Nuances: Refining Your Apple Odyssey

Many folks go into full-on panic mode whenever something goes wrong with an Apple product. They immediately purchase a replacement gadget by visiting a nearby carrier store or retail establishment. These are four frequent issues encountered by Apple consumers that can be quickly resolved.

If your phone’s battery is depleting quicker than typical, you might be motivated to trade it in for a new one. This may be a serious error, as the cost of apple battery replacement Inverness service is likely a small fraction of the value of a new phone. Even for some of the most recent iPhone variants, an iPad battery replacement Inverness or iPhone battery replacement typically costs less than $100.

You dropped your phone, and while falling only a few feet, it struck the ground at the wrong position, cracking the screen. We can do apple screen repair Inverness for the shattered screen so that it is as good as new (or even better). It is also swift, so you’ll get your phone back quickly and without investing hundreds of dollars.

Charging Port Water Damage
If you cannot recharge your phone because the port is broken, you’re out of luck and should have a new one, right? False. Our iPhone water damage repair Inverness firm can fix that charging port so that it functions as it did when the device was brand new.

Whether it’s the front camera (for those all-important selfies) or the back camera (for catching your children, friends, or pets), the camera is really a relatively simple component to repair. It will cost somewhat more than other smartphone repairs, but regardless of the model, it will be less than purchasing a new device, and when you buy a used iPhone, it’s important to know that the previous owner may have locked it remotely and you may require an iPhone unlocking Inverness service.