Cell phone unlocking is LEGAL again

For the next 3 years congress and ultimately the president have ruled that it’s not illegal/constitutional to punish citizens for unlocking their cell phones. As long as your phone is paid in full, you’re allowed to do whatever you like with it including unlocking. That doesn’t go the same for stolen phones and ID locks though (expect more of that to come).

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The bill gets reviewed every few years so we can’t say that this change will be permanent (and cell phone unlocking has a very long wavering history of teeter-totting between legal and illegal). The great news is that you no longer need your carrier’s permission to unlock your phone and you can’t get punished for up to 5 years in jail! Celebrate!

This is a good indicator that Zombie Techs will be back in the business of offer cell phone unlocks in Schaumburg. Yayyyyyy brainzzzzzzzzzzz om nom nom nom.

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