Ready for your sneak peak of the new iPhone 6S +? Feast your eyes:

6s-plus-rear-housing-9 iPhone-6s-Coque-Or-01-800x533photo credits Future Supplier (via

The iPhone 6S is just around the corner and we’re expecting release times to be announced shortly. What can you expect from the iPhone 6S? What we know so far is that we’ll see an upgraded processor and memory which is typical for the S models that iPhone releases. The screens are rumored to be the same but the iPhone 6S + has many punctures in its image due to what happened upon it’s release. Remember “bend-gate?” That’s the name of the iPhone 6 + scandal given to it because the iPhone was bending like crazy from stress and heat. The pictures above show an all new reinforced and re-imagined frame concept. These pictures are likely to be those of the production model of the iPhone 6S+ and that means you’re going to get what you see from the pictures above. Will this be the answer to the bendgate issue? Time will tell. As usual, we’ll keep you posted with all the latest and greatest coming down the pipelines from Apple. Stay tuned,


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