DHGATE Phone Quality

If you’ve ever spent more than 5 minutes on DHGATE, you’ve probably seen a huge array of cell phones, tablets, and other professional looking devices. In fact many of them look just like a popular name brand counterpart like iPhone or Samsung but they have slightly different specifications. The real question is, are any of these phones worth it since they come at half the retail price or less?

The Pros

Of 5 phones we’ve tested in the store which were meant to be knock-offs from Galaxy phones and LG phones, 5 out of 5 suck. They work, but they suck. The phones will make phone calls without the same quality even though the actual parts are up to spec. We believe the reason for this is because of proprietary software that belongs to the phones that enhance the otherwise unbuffed experience. The Android phones also can get access to Google Play and will allow you to get the most popular apps but functionality can vary due to the hardware in these phones.

The Cons

Where to begin? The LCD quality never seems to be what’s stated in the description. The phone signal can drop at any time and the phone can lock as a result of a silent hardware crash which can be observed as freezing. The limited amount of graphics and performance memory can be catastrophic in terms of generating heat. Some of these phones will literally burn up in your hand while watching Netflix.

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Final Evaluation

Don’t buy the phones, they’re nothing like the Samsung phones or the iPhones which they’re designed to imitate. You will feel the quality of poor cell phone craftsmanship and you will regret not being able to return these phones in an easy and effective way.

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