Apple’s A9 Processor goes into production

It’s no surprise that Apple and Samsung have been locking horns over the last few years in terms of technically dominating the phone market. If you’ve been following our blog you might get the impression that Samsung is losing this battle. However, many users and outsiders don’t realize that SAMSUNG is still responsible for a huge amount of the component manufacturing which goes into the iPhone including the glass, LCD, various chips, and even the processor that turns up in many of their mobile devices. Right now there’s a lot of buzz over the flagship SNAPDRAGON processors which soon will debut in many HTC, LG, and other devices but Apple’s proprietary A9 processor is now under way and is expected to give the competitors a run for their money.

Why should you care?

The answer is simple: technical dominance. Many anti-Apple fan boys have always raved about the hardware of Apple products being sub par or below other products in terms of performance that would show up as competitors in the industry. When HTC phones started using the power 1ghz snapdragon processors, it looked like these phones would be a sure-fire iPhone killer. The realities were that those early models from just a few years back in 2010 were super effective but also prone to overheating, self destruction, and constant locking up/seizing making them ultimately unpopular until subsequent models started to get released in the market. The best examples of the most successful competing processors were featured in the Note 3 and the LG G2x. These processors were truly fast and more competitive in terms of power than the rival Apple processors at the time. In short, techies sold out for other phones that gave them more power and usability than what Apple could afford them.


Samsung semiconductor head Kim Ki-nam last month confirmed the company would begin producing 14-nanometer processors for Apple in a supply chain deal that will have a positive impact on Samsung’s profits. A report from last year suggestsed TSMC would replace Samsung as Apple’s lead chip supplier, but Samsung’s technological progress with its 14-nanometer process may have swung the pendulum back in its favor.

Source: Macrumors

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