Moto 360 Smart Watches are all sold out in Google Play

The ┬áMoto 360 has been in high demand since it’s announcement and release. Even tho very few people can get their hands on it, the orders for it are through the roof. This is great news for the android market as they’re competing already with the upcoming iWatch that many people are holding out for. What makes this crazy is the fact that this is looking like the best Android-based smart watch yet and this could be a major rival against the Apple fan boys.

Samsung has also released versions of smart watches which are effective and good but not nearly a “complete package” like the Moto 360. Again, great news for Motorola who has basically been decapitated basically since their purchase by Google. You may have a chance to get it at Best Buy next Sunday when it hits shelves, otherwise expect to wait a minimum of two weeks before it even ships to you. Ouch!

Motorola is a shell of it’s former self but now with Google’s back and re purposing of the brand, we might see some great improvements in their line of products. Let us know what you think about the moto 360 below or in the comments section. Is it worth the hype or should we hold out of the iWatch?

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Source: Android Police

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