iPhone 6 is just around the corner

Every year around this time Apple usually gathers us all together and tries to push the latest and greatest improvements in handheld and computer technology on us… and it works. What does suck about this process though is the fact that the technology keeps getting more and more expensive and it often times requires more commitment and money. If you pay $300 for an iPhone 4, by the time the iPhone 5 comes out, your investment is worth less than half of what you originally bought it for in many cases .So how can you keep down the cost of “keeping up with the jones’s” and upgrade smoothly with the turn of every iPhone.

1. Sell your phone to local computer and cell phone stores before the release of the next phone you’re looking to buy. Often times computer and cell phone stores rely on buying and trading to get a lot of their inventory. This is a great way to keep them in business and keep money in your pocket. Most computer and cell phone stores pay based on the quality of your phone so if you buy protective cases at the time you purchased your phone, you’re likely to later on get the highest dollar value.

2. Sell your phone to family or friends who are looking for it. Not everybody can or wants to upgrade at the same time. Often times family members will look to take advantage of your phone when you choose a time to upgrade and no longer need it.

3. Sell it on Craigslist. Though there are some inherent risks with this, a lot of people make money just flipping phones around town. If you live around densely populated areas and major cities, you may often find your posts about selling phones well received. At the same time, be careful of scammers and sharks because people that dwell on craigslist for long periods of time are often masters of their craft and know already what they will and wont pay for your phone.

4. Sell your phone on eBay. Though this is my least favorite option because of the fees associated with using eBay, you’re most likely to get top dollar value for your phone on eBay.

5. Trade it in at the store you want to upgrade at. This is by far the least profitable method because often times major cell carriers that get access to these phones will try to skin you and get the most of out of your phone and pay you the least. This may be the BEST option though if your phone is smashed to bits because most reps are not going to deny your phone and lost the sale. Their store gets credits and more based on the number of phones they collect and what’s considered qualifying has millions of shades of grey at major cell carrier stores.

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