America prefers iPhone

More than 100 million smartphone users in United States have elected to us an iPhone and almost¬†60% of those users are on an iPhone 6 or newer iPhone (this also¬†means about 40% are using something older than an iPhone 6… cringe-worthy). The iPhone 4 is still practical to use today if you’ve run out of door stoppers or low powered flash lights but it’s anyone’s world. We did some articles earlier this year about the launch of the iPhone 6 and 6+ in Asia and how the 6+ towered over the standard 4.7″ iPhone 6 in terms of sales. It’s obvious that the Asian market is into big fat phones but can we group Americans into the same chubby-chasing category? The answer is no! The 4.7″ iPhone 6 is far more popular by a 2:1 ratio as of this years numbers in September. Check out the chart below:

Active iPhone's in United States 10/2015


Are more and more people choosing iPhone?

The short answer is yes. Android’s popularity has been diminishing and this pictoral proves it. Just check out the logarithmic growth in terms of Phone activity in just the last 2 years. In addition to that the iPhone 6 and 6+ dual launch was an unprecedented success. A more popular phone sales event hasn’t taken place since the Motorola Razor debut.

So why is Android failing?

You tell us. Surveying our clients has proved that users feel very divided about both platforms but typically have one or two reasons as to why they prefer iPhones. iPhones get better apps and the apps work better and crash less with iPhones. The iPhone, even though it is less competitive from a hardware standpoint than many competing phones in its class, simply looks better. Regardless of your design perspective on the phone, it’s become a global symbol of status driven largely by the teen and young adults. iPhones are more popular and are easy to work on, that means when your iPhone goes down its easy to get it up and running in an hour. You wont be able to say the same about ANY other phone in the world which is a massive difference. You can also take your phone to the Apple store and overpay for service, but you still get service.

Just wait til Insteon and other smart-home products revolutionize the App market in the coming year or so. iPhone and Apple family tablets are already poised to be the premier “remote control” for your future smart home. Stay tuned.

source: Macrumors