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You’ll get bluetooth ear buds when you buy the iPhone 7

Apple is working on wireless Bluetooth earbuds for the iPhone 7

Rumors are buzzing today as rumors develop around the earbuds for the iPhone 7. As you know Apple includes a set of earphones along with each iPhone going all the way back to their flag ship product. In fact Apple has been including headphones since the age of the iPod. A developing round-up on points to probability that Apple is developing a new set of wireless earbuds that could look like a set of Bluetooth wireless earbuds design by Bragi.

Bragi Dash earbuds

Bragi Dash earbuds

What spurred the development of these earbuds?

With Apples background in the world of Beats by Apple headphones reaching its 3rd year of maturity, it seems like Bluetooth earbuds would be an Apple designed inevitability. Following rumors that the iPhone 7 will not feature a 3.5mm headphone jack like all of the previous iPhones, Apple appears to have chosen the right time to release a companion product suited for the evolving needs of iPhone users. Though many iPhone fans are upset by the lack of a headphone jack on the new iPhone 7, Apple is opting for thinner overall iPhone. The big question is, will Apple be including these new earbuds inside of the iPhone 7 packaging for everyone to use out of the box? Or will Apple launch this product as a standalone companion product that will have it’s own retail price and be released around the same time as the iPhone 7? Stay tuned to and like us on Facebook to stay up to date with all of the latest iPhone news and smartphone repair in Schaumburg.

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