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iPhone 6 continues to demolish records

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are record breakers Apple CEO Tim Cook commented on the balance between supply and demand for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus stating that the demand is far outstripping supply despite a satisfactory production ramp-up. Cook noted that available data makes it unclear as to when supply will catch up with demand, and that the company was "not close" to having a balance between supply and demand at the end of Q4 2014. Supplies have been ... Read more

Did Apple just kill SAMSUNG?

Apple is moving in for the kill Samsung's third quarter 2014 earnings are likely to discourage investors as Samsung faces intense competition from both high-end and low-end competitors at the same time. According to the Wall Street Journal, Samsung is expected to announce a quarterly operating profit drop of up to 62 percent in what may be its fourth consecutive quarterly decline. What is the future of Samsung in terms of phones? Though it may see a marginal increase in smartphone shipments, Samsung's operating profit decline ... Read more

Everything you need to know about Apple PAY

Everything you need to know about Apple PAY Apple Pay is Apple's new mobile payments service, which it first debuted in September alongside the iPhone 6, the iPhone 6 Plus, and the Apple Watch. Apple Pay is expected to become widely available to consumers beginning in October, and ahead of its official release, we've gathered everything that's currently known about the service into a roundup so users can get an idea of what to expect. With Apple Pay, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus ... Read more

Not as bendable as you thought: iPhone 6+

Many are still crying about the iPhone 6+ Bendgate issue However the problem is actually not as bad as the media has made it out to be. Though it is true that the phone bends, it takes a significant amount of pressure and intensity to do so. Please see the power of science demonstrating this fact below: Consumer Reports' tests pushed the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus much further than [Apple's test of 55 pounds of force]. We started light, applying 10 pounds ... Read more

iPad Air 2 even thinner than the original iPad Air

iPad Air may use revolutionary new screen Apple wants to push the envelope with their new iPad Air 2. Apart from offering a new fingerprint sensor built in like the 5S, the thickness will be reduced by as much as 30%! How can they build an iPad so thin you may be thinking? The trick may be in a new technique that involves laminating the actual LED screen instead of placing glass over it. If this is true, the next iPad Air ... Read more

Whoa – iPhone 6 Battery way bigger than we thought

iPhone 6 Battery is going to be way stronger than we thought So if you've been following our blog, than you know we like to keep an eye on any developments with iPhones or Samsung phones because they're the most important tools we have in our daily lives. With that said they also have a very short battery life which is something that continues to escape manufacturers. The more battery life there is, the more powerful the parts get and the faster ... Read more

This will change USB forever

Reversible USB Cables? I honestly never thought I'd see the day. Apple is going to be making 2-way reversible USB cables standard for all their future products. Hello? Why haven't we started doing this years ago or since day one? Could it really be such a huge feat of engineering or cost efficiency that it couldn't be done til now? In any case, we're finally excited to see the results of this concept. Just imagine how many seconds of your life you ... Read more

Apple market still way ahead of competition

Apple gains remain consistently stronger than competition How do they do it? In my business I hear every day about the next phone that's going to be the iPhone killer. Lucky for Apple, each of it's rival Android phones fall short in the customer base and don't perform well with high end users. Though many arguments have been made that Android offers more power and features to the user, the applications that allow this to happen are non-standard and are more susceptible ... Read more

Apple is in talks to “sell” their HEALTH app

Apple is discussing options to roll-out their Health App to medical professionals Much of the buzz about iOS8 is about the new Health App which will revolutionize the smartiPhone industry again and create a new economy within it for healthcare treatments, supplements, and food. The Health App by Apple is meant to encourage healthy behaviors on the part of the end user and promote well being. In doing so, one way Apple is likely to generate income off of this is by ... Read more

Leaked photos of iPhone 6 in packaging

iPhone 6 Packaging This looks like the version that's going to hit the store shelves in the United States and UK in about 2 months. This is presumably going to be the box that the iPhone ships in. Featuring iOS8 and an epic 13 megapixel back camera, this machine is going to be a jaw-dropper. There's also going to be a number of exciting developments with iCloud sharing which we promise to keep you posted on but much of what's out there ... Read more
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