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They’re calling it the best LCD display on any tablet

DisplayMate is in love with the iPad Pro For those who don't know, DisplayMate is a corporation built around evaluating and determining what should be the standards of excellence for image and picture quality. As it happens, they're in love with the new iPad Pro and say that the marks of a great tablet are "truly innovative and top performing displays." The iPad Pro even beats out top competitor displays like the Samsung Galaxy tablets (yes, all of them) and the Microsoft Surface tablet family. The iPad pro comes in 2 versions, a 9.7 inch display and a 12.9 inch display. This article will cover some of the comparisons between the iPad Pro 9.7-inch display and the iPad Air 2. What makes the iPad Pro so special? The iPad Pro is special because it takes advantage of technologies which consumers might expect ... Read more

Apple code reveals plans for next iOS update

Apple is giving users a Trash Can Yes, it's been a long time coming. Based on reports found on AppAdvice, Apple has installed some preliminary code in their last update which will probably be completed in the next Apple software upgrade for iDevices. The picture below demonstrates that Apple will soon allow users to delete native iPhone apps that people prefer not to use. An example of this is the Game Center app for iPhone and iPad. It is unlikely that all apps will be removable however. In fact, Tim Cook told Buzzfeed that removing certain apps would prevent other apps from functioning normally on the iPhone and iPad. The reason stated was that apps are interlocked with each other on the iPhone. The false or true option seen below are a dead giveaway that Apple has installed functionality to ... Read more

Apple’s next iMac will get a huge graphics upgrade

Apple's new iMac featuring FinFET If you invested in nVidia at the beginning of this year, you've probably made a sizable return on your investment. The stock prices keep flying upwards to everyone's surprise for both Apple and nVidia. Now news has broken that nVidia is going to introduce never before seen graphics technology that will be the most dramatic upgrade for iMac graphics technology since 2011. The big deal is about nVidia's move to a smaller graphics processing architecture which will allow them to pack more of a punch, fit into smaller profiles, and reduce the amount of heat generated by the graphics processor. An article on reported the partnership between Apple and nVidia for the new iMac graphics processor and based on this information, consumers can expect to see an even thinner body for the iMac. Better ... Read more

The iPhone 7 will change Instagram forever

iPhone 7 Rumors Earlier this year we reported on a tip that we found online about the iPhone 7 getting a dual-camera set up instead of a single camera like we have seen in the iPhone 6 family of smartphones. The dual-camera option is valuable for a number of reasons. Most importantly the dual-camera setup will allow for approximately 5x optical zoom from a smartphone. This is a huge feat considering that unlike most digital cameras, the iPhone will not have any moving parts. In addition to that, the dual-camera set up allows for much higher clarity in short and far distances. The iPhone 7 is expected to have lots of cool software come with it out of the box that will help users connect with this new way of taking photos and videos. Here's an explanation on how dual-camera ... Read more

Apple’s new OS for Apple Watch

Apple Watch OS 2.2 Above you'll see a video going into some of the changes we can expect to see for upcoming Apple Watches through their new software update. A few notable changes are that the new update will allow you to pair multiple Apple watches simultaneously. There are new options for the Maps features that make the watch easier to use. There is also a "Nearby" feature in maps that allows you to pull up a list of locations around you based on categories like "Food, Drinks, Nightlife, and Travel." Pricing Apple has also dropped the pricing for the Apple Watch down to a starting price of $299 for the 38mm and $349 for the 42mm. This move is seen by some as attempt to gain more of the wearables market-share where companies like Fitbit have seen more popularity. To boost the watch's likability ... Read more

How the Paris Climate Deal with affect the United States

Clean technology will be evolving at an unprecedented scale The Paris Climate Deal is a landmark in the history of our planet. It is a time when all major powers of the earth assembled in Paris to hold discussions on how best to change the course of the earth to protect it's valuable resources. What came out of the talks is a deal that is like the equivalent of nuclear disarmament in terms of carbon and greenhouse gas production on the part of the state. The above video describes the upcoming conditions of drought in California particularly as a result of reckless greenhouse gas emissions. America had an opportunity like France to take on an enormous amount of nuclear power production for the sake of energy but appears to have let those ideas go in favor of 0 emission energy ... Read more

How to find your car and keep an eye your parking meter

QuickPark App for iOS Parking your car can be a huge hassle, especially if you're the type that tends to forget where he or she parked. Have no fear! Download QuickPark for your iPhone and never lose your car again. QuickPark is a software that holds onto the GPS information about where you left your car as well as sets a timer for when your meter is about to expire. If you've used the app before, then you know it only takes a few seconds to set everything up. Check out the screen shots below to get an idea of what the app offers. By the way, this app is totally free. Image credit and story found at Addictive Tips. Cell phone repair schaumburg Read more

What does the “Lightning Icon” on Facebook mean?

Facebook's new "Lightning Icon" Facebook is a growing platform for sharing news, pictures, videos, and other content. Unfortunately, the internet can be a tough place to exist if you're a floating box of information. As the webpage content flooding into Facebook becomes bigger, bulkier, and more time-consuming to download, the team at Facebook had to come up with solutions to keep they're audiences engaged. The little "lightning icon" that you see now at the top of various news articles is a signal that Facebook is hard at work. After clicking on an article that features this icon, you'll notice that you get rapidly dropped into an article and that by clicking on the link, you don't go to some other Facebook page or news website. According to Addictive Tips This new feature is called "Facebook Instant" and you'll see it more ... Read more

Prevent Identity theft this Christmas Season

6 Ways to protest your credit cards online At this time of year good old consumerism is hard at work as we buy presents for all of our loved ones and put them under the Christmas tree. The folks over at Avast wrote 6 points about keeping yourself safe from credit card theft or identity fraud. We've added some helpful tips on top of what they wrote which will help you and your loved one stay safe this year. Keep a record of your cards If you have some time, make photocopies of your credit card info and keep stored away in your computer (but not online). This will enable you to react in a situation where you lose your credit card info in a highly trafficked public place. Monitor your credit card accounts These days its considered a bad practice to log onto your ... Read more

Where does Google keep your Data?

Google Data Centers Featuring biometric eye-scanners, overheard power distributions, laser intrusion detection and all kinds of James-Bondy high-tech features: Google's data centers. It's worth noting that Google is trying to make forward positive feedback loops that would improve the sustainability of their work. Data centers consume an enormous amount of energy and generate a tremendous amount of heat. This Google Data center featured above produces enough heat to necessitate an external water cooling plant built into their data center directly. Google has gone so far as to purchase wind farms to support some data centers and then they sell the left over power back into the community grid at a discounted price to the local community it serves. Google is also pioneering the redevelopment of the United States internet infrastructure and offers their practices on renewable energy as a template for ... Read more
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