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Nike coming out with matching iWatch bands and shoes

Nike to release Apple iWatch bands that match with shoes

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Based on an article found on Macrumors, Nike released a brand new lineup of Apple iWatch bands to match their Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit “Day to Night” collection of shoes. The inspiration for these colors and this sales campaign are inspired by the shades of sky from dawn to dusk.

The “Day to Night” collection celebrates runners whenever they choose to run – at twilight, sunset and everything in between. Each of the colors is inspired by a shade of the sky, from dawn to dusk, and allows runners to – for the first time – make a statement by matching their Apple Watch Nike+ bands to their footwear.

The bands are made of a flexible fluoroelastomer material that’s going to feature perforations as seen above to help manage sweat and perspiration. Nike will make these shoes and watch bands available on the 1st of June through their website and Apple will be retailing them from their main site around the same time. The sports bands are purportedly going to be priced around $49.99 each and the shoes will be $190.00.


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