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TIME Magazine ranks iPhone X and Apple Watch 3 among top 10 best gadgets of 2017

The iPhone X is ranked #2 on TIME'S "Top 10 Gadgets of 2017" Surpassed only by the Nintendo Switch for the #1 spot on their top 10 list, TIME magazine wrote a raving review about the iPhone X. The main reasons for this are the new facial recognition system called Face ID which works hand in hand with Snapchat and Warby Parker as those apps rely heavily on face mapping technology to place realistic masks over the eyes and faces of the app users. "That", they write, "combined with a sharp camera, long battery life, and a large screen packed into a more palatable size, make Apple's iPhone X a top pick." What makes the iPhone X special? They call it the iPhone 10 in place of the  letter X. According to Apple, the iPhoneX represents the biggest technological leap forward since ... Read more

10% Off Service when you bring in a Starbucks Zombie Frappuccino

For a limited time only, take 10% off service with a Starbucks Zombie Frapuccino Just bring a Starbucks Zombie Frappuccino to the store to receive 10% off service on your next repair! You can also get 5-10% off any product we're selling up front in our store locations in Schaumburg and Des Plaines. Show some love for the Zombies! Call or stop by anytime during store hours to get a free consultation on your next repair or to check out all the cool gadgets and Apple products that we sell up front. Phones, Laptops, and more! Zombie Techs Computer and Cell Phone Repair Schaumburg, IL Zombie Techs Computer and Cell Phone Repair Des Plaines, IL Read more

iPhone 8 glass breaks repeatedly during testing

iPhone 8 shatters over and over again during tests Apple says the new glass developed by Corning for its new iPhone 8 is the most durable glass ever used in a smartphone. I can't believe my keyboard didn't burst into flames after I wrote that. This video was made by SquareTrade which offers extended warranties for consumer electronics. They've taken the time to evaluate for themselves exactly how "durable" this new glass-bodied phone will be so that they can evaluate the likelihood of how often people's phones will break and get replaced/repaired by their warranty. As you've seen above, the results speak for themselves. Most basic tests resulted in hairline cracks, chips, and deep fractures that would make the touch screen useless and the compromise the view-ability of the screen beyond redemption. A six foot drop in many tests left the ... Read more

Everything you need to know about iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus Hello friends, I'm writing to you now because you're all exhausting me with the same question: "Is it really worth upgrading to the iPhone 8?" You're all asking me because we're soon going to be offering iPhone 8 repair in Schaumburg and Des Plaines and we see tons of iPhones that come in for repair on a daily basis so here is the scoop. The iPhone 8 back is made of glass This is something we haven't seen from Apple since they released the iPhone 4 (which was one of the best looking iPhone's if you ask me). A lot of the design focus with Apple comes down to symmetry and frankly I don't understand using a glass back because it shatters and we found ourselves replacing these glass backs on the iPhone 4 all of ... Read more

Leaked iPhone 8 screen protector reveals more than appearance

Leaked iPhone 8 screen protector New images surfaced Monday morning from Chinese social networking site Weibo and later revealed by macrumors, shows a new tempered glass screen protector made for the yet unreleased iPhone 8 with 5.8" display. The screen protector is the first we've seen this close to production time on the iPhone 8 and it confirms rumors that we've written about in previous articles that the iPhone 8 will feature a full glass display on the front without a home button. The front glass display is supposedly full engaged in biometric authentication too so it can read your thumbprint and unlock the phone regardless of where your thumb is placed on the front of the glass. The noticeably thin screen protector features cutouts for the from camera, ambient light sensor, and proximity sensor, and a mysterious 4th sensor ... Read more

LTE to become standard feature on laptops soon – Microsoft

LTE enabled laptops coming soon Remember when we were kids and dreamed of the day that laptops and gadgets would be able to charge up and also connect to internet anywhere on earth without cables? Those distant dreams are closing distance with reality. An article on 9t05mac says that Microsoft just announced 6 major PC manufacturers committed to pushing LTE-capable laptops. We are collaborating with our ecosystem on a shared vision. This starts with a close partnership at the silicon layer, with Intel and Qualcomm and with our mobile operator partners to provide seamless eSIM connectivity. Microsoft device partners ASUS, HP, Huawei, Lenovo, VAIO, and Xiaomi, are committed to this new category of Always Connected PCs using eSIM technology. In addition, Microsoft announced Always Connected devices will be coming from ASUS, HP, and Lenovo on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset. These new ... Read more

Are Crypto Currencies gaining independence?

Are Crypto Currencies gaining independence? Take a moment and type "bitcoin usd" into Google. What comes up? A built in conversion tool with up to the minute updated prices from the 24/7 bitcoin pool. Bitcoin and Ethereum have been on a complete tear since last year and frankly they show no signs of stopping. Analysts online are afraid to weigh in because they could not have expected this type of growth coming from the crypto asset class of currencies. Predictors and speculators have gone on the record saying they expected bitcoin to reach $2000/coin by year 2020, and bitcoin hit that milestone over 2 weeks ago (3 years ahead of prediction). Now there are some that say bitcoin will reach a value of $5000/coin by 2020. Crypto prices surge This year, several cryptocurrencies have experienced notable increases in value. The price of bitcoin, ... Read more

Store Hours on Memorial Day

Computer and Cell Phone Repair Good morning and Happy Memorial Day! Zombie Techs computer and cell phone repair in Schaumburg will be open today from 8am - 12pm for any of your immediate/urgent computer and cell phone repair needs. We are able to fix many cell phone and smartphone issues in under and hour's time so if you do have an emergency, we are available until 12pm today. Normal pickup and drop-off services are available today as well between 8am-12pm. Below is a list of common repairs that you might need done in under an hour's time: cell phone screen replacement dc jack repair charging port repair on/off button repair phone camera replacement laptop screen replacement volume button repair   keywords: computer repair hoffman estates, computer repair schaumburg, computer repair rolling meadows, computer repair palatine, cell phone repair hoffman estates, cell phone ... Read more

Fake iPhone 8 clones are starting to hit the internet

Beware the fake iPhone 8 clones starting to hit the internet Everybody is rearing up and getting excited for the release of the iPhone 8. The most notable feature of the upcoming blockbuster phone is going to be a full surface screen backed by OLED screens which we have not yet seen real pictures of on the internet. Though we're still a few months away from the release, bogus iPhone 8 videos are starting to appear online as part of a scam to get clicks and hype while taking advantage of the enormous buzz around iPhone 8. This particular dummy device, said to be a CNC model, aligns with design drawings and rumors pointing towards an edge-to-edge display with a glass body encased in a shiny stainless steel frame. There is no Home button and no visible Touch ID sensor, suggesting ... Read more

Can Apple become a trillion dollar company soon?

Could Apple soon become a trillion dollar company? Notebook sales are up, the iPhone 8 is already poised for a massive success, the App store is having it's most blockbuster year ever, and Apple is working on fully automated self-driving cars. So is there a possibility that Apple could soon become a trillion dollar company? RBC Capital Markets analyst Amit Daryanani says the answer is yes, and it could even happen in the next 18 months. An excerpt found on Marcumors of Daryanani's research note, edited slightly for clarity: In aggregate, we see a scenario where in the 2019 fiscal year, Apple sustains $12+ earnings per share and, assuming the valuation frameworks remains stable/improves, it should get AAPL stock toward $192–$195, which would equate to a market cap above $1 trillion. Another major driving force in Amit's calculation is the fact that Apple's ability ... Read more
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