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Apple Repair

Apple Repair Schaumburg

apple repair schaumburgAt Zombie Techs Inc we specialize in repairing Apple devices including broken iPads, iPhones, iPod Touches, and many others. The fact of the matter is that if your device is not under warranty, it’s simply too expensive to have repaired at the Apple Store. We offer an affordable alternative as well as warrantied work to ensure the highest possible customer satisfaction. In other words, you can have your iPads, iPhones, etc. fixed very inexpensively and continue using these devices for much less than the cost of buying a new one.




Zombie Techs Apple repair Schaumburg
831 E Algonquin Rd
Schaumburg, IL 60173

M-F: 10a-8p
Sat: 10a-8p

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apple repair schaumburg

Macbook & Macbook Pro

We offer full component and software repair for Apple Macbooks and Macbooks Pros in Schaumburg. Frequently, we see Macbooks come in from accidental damage that require a screen replacement or other hardware repair. Our on-site staff is skilled in repairing damage to Macbooks and replacing defective components with precision. We rarely have to perform redo work on Macbooks.

  • Macbook screen replacement
  • Macbook power issues
  • Macbook battery replacement
  • Macbook charging port repair
  • Macbook adware removal
  • Macbook keyboard replacement
  • Macbook hard drive replacement
  • Macbook operating system installation
  • Macbook logic board repair
  • Macbook water damage repair*



iMac is a wonderful machine but it can be very difficult to work on. iMac’s are built like laptops but they’re housed in a beautiful aluminum case that holds up a high quality screen. The more recent an iMac is, the more expensive the repair can be. We solve a wide variety of iMac repairs and service is performed on-site. We have access to the best pricing for replacement components so we pass on the most affordable Apple repair in Schaumburg.

  • iMac lcd screen replacement
  • iMac glass replacement
  • iMac upgrades
  • iMac hard drive replacement
  • iMac graphics card repair
  • iMac logic board repair
  • iMac memory upgrade and replacement
  • iMac operating system installation
  • iMac speaker repair / replacement



The Apple iPhone is easily the most frequent Apple repair that we perform. Zombie Techs offers full service for iPhone repair in Schaumburg. iPhones are currently the most popular smartphone in the United States. We offer quick repairs and fast turn around times for iPhone repair. No appointments are necessary and walk-ins are welcome. Zombie Techs services all generations of the iPhone except those models which preceded the iPhone 3G.

  • iPhone water damage repair*
  • iPhone lcd screen replacement
  • iPhone cracked glass repair
  • iPhone battery replacement
  • iPhone speaker replacement
  • iPhone microphone replacement
  • iPhone logic board repair
  • iPhone sim tray repair
  • iPhone unlocking
  • iPhone home button repair
  • iPhone volume button repair
  • iPhone headphone jack repair
  • iPhone lock button repair / replacement

*the outcome of water damage repair is never guaranteed due to the complex nature of circuit repair

iPad & iPad Mini

The iPad changed the way we view wireless technology. While iPads make great portable electronics, they are uniquely easy to break. The large glass surface is prone to damage and can easily be broken. Frequently, we get iPads in for repair that were dropped on the floor. Screen replacements are the most common repairs known to the iPad and the Zombie Techs has screens in stock for all most generations.

  • iPad water damage
  • iPad lcd screen replacement
  • iPad cracked glass repair
  • iPad battery replacement
  • iPad speaker replacement
  • iPad microphone replacement
  • iPad home button repair
  • iPad volume button repair
  • iPad headphone jack repair
  • iPad logic board repair
  • iPad lock button repair / replacement

*the outcome of water damage repair is never guaranteed due to the complex nature of circuit repair

Refurbished product sales

At Zombie Techs you’ll find products up for resale that have been fixed and have passed diagnostic testing standards. That means you can get discount Macbooks, iPhones, and iPads in Schaumburg. Check out our Online Store page to get a better look at what’s available. Most computer stores that offer Apple repair Schaumburg do not resell electronics.

Other Apple products

Less popular Apple products like the Apple Watch and iPod Touch are also repairable at Zombie Techs. These types of repairs are less common for us to see in store but we do provide service and parts replacement for these Apple family products. If you don’t see your Apple device listed above, or you have additional questions about repair, please contact a friendly Zombie Techs technician at our store location or by phone.

Common Apple repair issues

The most common problems are usually screen damage or power failures. Fortunately, our team can help you find the fastest and most affordable route to repairing your technology. Call us or stop by our store in Schaumburg for more information. iPad repair is easily the most difficult type of Apple Device to repair. The screen is essentially glued to the frame of the unit and can be extraordinarily difficult to remove without damaging the internal components or the technicians skin for that matter. Fortunately we have lots of professional experience and state of the art tools to pull these devices apart as well as reassemble the device to look like new again. Though no 3rd party computer or electronics repair shop in the country has direct access to exact Apple replacement screens, we use nearly identical products that look, feel, and are manufactured similarly to the manufacturer’s specifications, allowing for a fully restored experience. Having completed over 200 work orders in 2012 alone for Apple products, we are the best authority in the Northwest Suburbs for these kind of repairs. Most can be done within an hour to a day’s time depending on the type of repair.

For any other questions, call 847-348-0264 or stop by our store for information on how we can assist you with Apple product related questions.