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Learn More About History Of Our Laptop & Computer Repair Services Schaumburg

Zombie Tech was founded in 2010 as an alternative to the costly computer repair services Schaumburg residents had to pay for. Back then, you would have to spend at least $150 to have your PC repaired, and the service wouldn’t even include antivirus software to keep your service protected from future crashes. Places like Best Buy had the top computer services Schaumburg market offered, but repairs were often even more expensive than the PC or laptop itself, and didn’t really pose a big advantage in terms of system upgrade.

The professionals in the Zombie Tech team were in the middle ground, facing the dilemma of being able to offer the service of computer repair Schaumburg customers deserved at a more affordable price, but being restricted from doing so by company policies. That’s why in May 2010 we took the matter into our own hands and came up with Zombie Tech, the computer repair services Schaumburg residents recommend. Since then we were committed to providing fair prices while maintaining the highest quality standards in computer and laptop repairs.

Currently, Zombie Tech has taken care of more than 20,000 customers that find our service superior for their everyday convenience. Throughout these years we have amassed a considerable amount of experience that has no match among the different companies for PC repair Schaumburg has. Our services have extended to include professional iPad and MacBook repair, and LCD screen replacement that we perform in record time. We are also the most renowned iPhone repair company in our area, with services that can be worth less than $100, and repairs that can often be performed in 30 minutes.


Rejuvenate Your Devices through Our PC Repair Schaumburg

iPhone Repair

Don’t take risks with your iPhone. Our staff has the expertise to spot and address all the things that can go wrong with the special parts of an iPhone, and the most common malfunctions owners face. With a 95% repair rate, we are the most reliable company for iPhone repair Schaumburg has.

PC Services

We have the most comprehensive services of laptop and computer repair Schaumburg market offers. We use specialized tools and innovative protocols to provide long-term solutions for your devices that are timely and fairly priced. Our computer services Schaumburg include personalized computer assembly based on user needs and activities.

iPad And Tablet Repair

Tablet and iPad repair tends to be more complex than many laptop repair Schaumburg technicians are used to. Our crew is trained and has the experience to handle any issue with your device. We are proud of being able to fix problems like a cracked screen faster than our competitors.

Macbook And Apple Products Repair

In the last two years, our crew has checked more than 100 Macbooks. That’s why we are the professionals for macbook repair Schaumburg users go to. We offer a specialized service knowing that they differ from a PC. This is convenient as components like boards can be fixed rather than replaced.

Game Console Repair

We’re not just the best team for laptop repair Schaumburg has. We also have the most skilled technicians to address any issue with your game console. Whether you’re a Playstation, Xbox, or Nintendo person, we are your best ally for bringing your device back to life and keeping the game going.

Smartphone Repair

We are the most efficient provider of solutions for cell phone repair Schaumburg area has. Our technicians have the skills and knowledge to fix any problem with your smartphone in record time. Our solutions are meant to be long-term to prevent you from spending time and money on constant repairs.

If You Notice Any of the Following Signs It May Be Time to Contact Computer Repair Schaumburg Services

Engage with Our Top-Tier Computer Repair Schaumburg Crew

Every computer owner should always be aware of common signs and issues or malfunctioning that could be affecting their system. By bringing it early to the experts in computer repair Schaumburg users trust, you may save it from further damage and you can avoid losing all your files, your information and everything you’ve worked on. The following are the most common reasons for computer and laptop repair Schaumburg customers face

Your Computer Gets Slow
The speed of your computer can give you a hint of when you’re due for a technical check-up. A slow system might be a sign of trouble and you might want to give a call to our experts if you want to preserve your sensitive data. We will perform a thorough assessment of your device to pinpoint and fix any bug that is messing with the software. If you find yourself in this situation, contact us and you will get the best service in computer and MacBook repair Schaumburg market offers.

A frequent call for our service of computer repair Schaumburg customers make is the result of a Trojan virus infection. To mitigate this malware and keep your files safe, you need to have antivirus software installed. Our staff can give you advice on the right antivirus to protect your computer or repair an ongoing virus infection at the best price.

Accessories Not Working
Printers, chargers, keyboards, mouses, and any other hardware that isn’t compatible with your system can get you in trouble. When this happens, you need the help of the best technicians for computer and laptop repair Schaumburg has. Problems with hardware can result from a variety of reasons, like low-quality batteries and other accessories. Luckily, our team can solve any of these issues right away.

No Space in Computer
Filled RAM will cause your computer to overwork when trying to get tasks done. This can eventually lead to a system crash that could be a disaster for all your files and data. Our crew is trained to help you in both scenarios, it is always advisable to bring it to the most comprehensive service of computer repair Schaumburg has as soon as possible. With our help, your device can work even more efficiently than it used to.


Superior PC Repair Schaumburg Excellence with Zombietech

A Wide Variety Of Services

We have an extensive range of the best services for electronics and computer repair Schaumburg market offers. We offer PC, iPad, and tablet repair, service for iPhone and other cell phones, and work with product lines such as Apple MacBook. With our technical skills and knowledge, we are the computer and cell phone repair Schaumburg customers trust.

Years Of Experience

With more than a decade of providing the service of computer and laptop repair Schaumburg clients deserve, we have fixed over 13,000 computers and gadgets. Our team consists of the best-trained experts, committed to providing a superior pc repair Schaumburg and customer experience. We are certain you won’t get such quality standards anywhere else.

The Best Prices

Computer and technology prices are on the rise, and understandably you wouldn’t want to pay for laptop repair Schaumburg that are as costly as a new device. This can happen with our competitors, but we are committed to offering the best service for PC and macbook repair Schaumburg has to offer at affordable prices.


Streamlined PlayStation 4 Repair Schaumburg, Designed for Ease

Zombie Tech is an expert in Playstation repair Schaumburg. For over 26 years, we have been offering adept, inexpensive, and efficient video game console repairs. Our exceptional customer service and extensive notification procedure are just two of the reasons why our clients keep coming back to us for all of their PS4 repairs like ps4 hdmi port repair Schaumburg, maintenance cleaning, updates, and other minor fixes.

All of our Playstation 4 repair Schaumburg services come with a guarantee of the highest quality, so you can be happy with the work we’ve done. With a standard turnaround time of 24 hours for the majority of repairs. We will have you back in your seat as quickly as possible. Common Playstation 4 Repairs include “Fan Replacement,” “HD Blu-Ray Laser Replacement,” and “Light Blinking Issues.” We are confident in our ability to fix playstation 4 Schaumburg with any issue it may be encountering. Our devoted team of professionals is ready to streamline the ps 4 repair Schaumburg process by providing you with regular updates while your PlayStation 4 undergoes fixes or maintenance.


Embark on a Journey of Expertise in Apple Repair Schaumburg

It can be really irritating when your iPhone malfunctions and you’re unable to get it fixed by visiting the Apple Store, either because you’re out of warranty or you’re too busy. This can be devastating. Thus, you’re stuck with the task of searching for a reliable iPhone repair Schaumburg technician who can get your phone back up and running in no time. 

You may have important data on the device that you wouldn’t want to lose, so you might be wondering “How can I get it fixed at my location?”. It’s important to find a repairer who offers a risk-free apple repair Schaumburg service with a guarantee that your iPhone will be restored to its original condition. Zombie Tech is the perfect solution for iphone screen repair, iPhone battery replacement, iPhone unlocking Schaumburg and any other problem.

When you contact Zombie Tech for your broken iPhone, you’ll be asked to verbally explain the issue. This information will be taken into account to have a better understanding of the technical problem. We ensure complete customer satisfaction on each repair job. With us being a renowned Apple repair Schaumburg company, you can be sure of the best repair services.


Embrace Premier Excellence in Cell Phone Repair Schaumburg Services

Your day does not have to be disrupted because your phone is damaged. We’ve seen it just about anything, from pinched fingers to a smartphone wrapped in cellophane and impossible to charge. We support the “Right to Repair” and understand the importance of this often-overlooked and disappearing right.

You have permission to repair a phone. Rather than spending time, effort, and risk in a do-it-yourself method, we recommend bringing it to a local cell phone screen repair Schaumburg business. Everything does not have to be abandoned, tossed away, or disposed of in a landfill. Cell phone screen repair Schaumburg helps to ensure the long-term viability of a culture that prioritizes disposebility.

Phone repair is a basic right. You bought the phone, and it’s now yours. If your phone is repairable, you may choose between fixing it and replacing it. Consult a knowledgeable cell phone repair Schaumburg professional for aid with this often baffling alternative. Is it required that you acquire a new phone, or can yours be repaired? Consumerism urges us to replace items when they may frequently be mended at a far cheaper cost. You may be able to get more life out of your device, which is more cost-effective. Contact our local cell phone screen repair Schaumburg business to find out.


iPhone Repair Schaumburg: Refining Your Apple Interactions

Many individuals fall into a state of panic when something goes wrong with their Apple products. You might even rush out to your nearest carrier store or electronics retailer to pick up a shiny new gadget. Here are four issues that frequently arise for Apple customers and how to fix them with an apple repair Schaumburg service.

You might be tempted to upgrade to a new phone if you notice that your current one drains its battery faster than usual. It can be a mistake to buy a whole new smartphone when the price of a new battery is likely to be much lower. An apple battery replacement Schaumburg may be purchased for less than $100, even for the most up-to-date iPhone or Android model.

So you knocked your gadget on the floor, and despite the fact that it was just a few feet down, the impact fractured the screen. We can do apple screen repair Schaumburg for your shattered screen so it works as well as new (or even better). You won’t have to wait long to get your iphone screen repair Schaumburg done, and you won’t have to shell out hundreds of dollars, too.

Charging Port Water Damage
If your phone’s charging port is broken, you’re pretty much out of luck until you buy a new one. Wrong. Our service center can perform iPhone water damage repair Schaumburg for the charging port so it works as well as the day you got it.

The camera is surprisingly simple to repair, whether it’s the front-facing camera (for those all-important selfies) or the back-facing camera (for capturing your kids, buddies, or pet babies). It will be cheaper than buying a new one of any kind.