According to a brand new report from Taiwan’s Economic Daily News, Apple’s third-generation iPad mini is going to be an “Air”-like model, having a design that shaves 30 % from the thickness from the device. This slimness together with a effective new A8 processor is going to be one of the primary selling points for the following generation iPad small, claims the Asian sources (via GforGames).This will make it the thinnest Apple device available on the market to date, but many skeptics say that such a feat in size reduction remians to be seen.

Sources of the rumor themselves maintain that a 30 percent thinner iPad mini seems to be an overly optimistic one. The original iPad mini in fact measured 7.2 mm thick, and the device saw a slight increase to 7.5 mm as they upgraded to Apple’s flasgship Retina display last year. The larger iPad Air however went in the opposite direction last year, slimming down from 9.4 mm in the fourth-generation iPad to match the Retina iPad mini at 7.5 mm. The momvements indicate that given current technological feats, this may be as slim as iPads can get for the forseesable future.

A 30% size reduction in width puts the forecoming iPad in the range of about 5.25mm, and the means by which Apple would achieve such a feat are still unclear, especially in light of the aforementioned upgrade seen with the move to a Retina display last year. From what we know so far, the coming iPad air, which should be officially announced around the release date of the iPhone 6 would feature a fingerprint sensor much like what’s been seen until this point with the iPhone 5s. This is likely to be a feature soon standard to all Apple Devices in the coming year.

In addition to the coming iPad Air and iPad mini, Apple is also rumored to be expanding its iPad lineup with a larger 12.9-inch display for a brand new line of iPads. Apple fanboys have unofffically dubbed this unnanounced model the “iPad Pro.” The larger model may not be released until 2015, claims DisplaySearch analyst David Hsieh. An earlier report from KGI Securities Ming-Chi Kuo also predicted a 2015 launch date for the oversized tablet device. One thing is certain, Apple is moving closer and closer to ultimately using smartglass and graphene based techonlogies to usher in the future of tablet techonolgy.

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