Apple Continuity

This post is for all of your work-at-home types who enjoy creating your highly functional workspaces and multi-tools and whatever else it is that you do. You’re headed right for one of Apple’s technology torpedos and it look pretty neat. It’s called “Apple Continuity” and it will allow you to forward calls from your iPhone directly to your iMac or Macbook Pro!

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Part of Apple’s endless campaign to synergize all of your devices into one experience, this is the fulfillment of a promise made by Apple Messages and Apple Mail which sync perfectly between all of your Apple Family products (including the Apple Watch). So what can you expect to see from Apple Continuity?

The feature is tied to Wi-Fi calling and T-Mobile will be the first major carrier to get it according to Some places in the US already are able to take advantage of Wifi calling and really, it’s the future because those Wifi networks can scale out a lot higher than simple 4G LTE. AT&T is expected to follow and subsequently other major carriers but it will be a long time yet before Simple Mobile and H2O are going to incorporate such features into their plans. The coolest part about this feature obviously is that you can sit on your computer and work while taking phone calls just using your built in speakers and microphone or an attached pair. Many people work with wireless headsets today which also would be able to take advantage of Apple Continuity. Expect Continuity to reach your phones and computers by late fall this year.

On a side note… what do you guys think of this new Apple home screen in the featured photo section? Is this a cluster**** or what? Let us know in the all new comment section below:

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