“Windows 8” has already been with us two years but never has really garnered the attention Microsoft had hoped. The blame can be pointed at many of the changes that were made to implement their “Metro UI” into the “Windows” operating system that alienated much of their user base when it came time to purchase new computers that are only sold with “Windows 8”. Luckily, Microsoft has realized where they made their mistakes with “Windows 8” and it seems “Windows 9” will be “going back to it’s roots” so to speak.

Will it be called “Windows 9”?

For the most part all of the information and rumors we have heard about “Windows 9” revolve around a number of leaks that were made about “Project Threshold”. It is pretty much guaranteed that “Project Threshold” will be the next “Windows” operating system, and we can only hope that this time around Microsoft will avoid the number scheme and go with something a little more modern and fun similar to Apple’s “OS X” naming scheme.

What is going to change?

From what has been leaked about “Project Threshold” we have been lead to believe that “Windows 9” will be slightly different based on the capabilities of the computer it is installed on. For instance, if “Windows 9” is installed on a traditional desktop machine there will only be a “desktop” view mode with a typical start menu that integrates “Modern UI” apps, but if a touchscreen computer is detected the full-screen “Start Menu” we have seen in “Windows 8” and “Windows 8.1” will be used instead. Mind you this is just what we have been lead to believe from unofficial leaks and who knows what will actually be included in “Windows 9”. Though, we are happy to see that Microsoft has realized the mistakes they made with “Windows 8” and are trying to recoup interest from those of us who use traditional desktops still.

The “Modern UI” start menu is not going to disappear entirely for traditional desktop rather it will be actually part of the traditional start menu instead of encompassing the whole screen and destroying productivity. Furthermore, full-screen applications are here to stay but a lot of updates have been made to make them more usable when it comes time to multitask on a traditional desktop. Below is a leaked image of what the new “Windows 9” desktop could look like.


In addition to the redesign of the “Modern UI” start menu, “Windows 9” is expected to remove the “Charms Bar” we have mostly all come to hate. “Windows 9” should also finally bring support for “Virtual Desktops” akin to what Mac and Linux users have enjoyed for years.

“Windows 9 RT” may actually drop the misleading “Windows RT” desktop and include a “Windows Phone 8.1”-esque notification center. This should turn “Windows RT” into more of a mobile operating system that doesn’t leave you feeling like it should “do more.” Hopefully this time around we should expect a lot developers to modify their applications to run on either the full X86-based Windows or the RT arm-based Windows versions.

How much will it cost?

It should be cheap to say the least especially if you are upgrading from either Windows 8 or 8.1 where it expected to be anywhere from free(!) to $20. Folks running Windows 7 may not be as lucky and should expect the cost to upgrade to be around the $99 mark. Unfortunately, Microsoft doesn’t make money from hardware or advertising like Apple and Google and as such they rely on Windows for a bulk of their profits. Microsoft has also mentioned a potential steal-of-a-deal for those of us still using Windows XP. Expect “Windows 9” to be released sometime in Spring of 2015. When it comes time for you to upgrade and you want to make sure everything goes smoothly have Zombietechs computer repair in Schaumburg help you make the transition.


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