Windows 10 is not a free upgrade

It seemed too good to be true. We reported it ourselves a few weeks ago that Windows 10 was poised to be a revolutionary operating system and would change the way we think about windows and cross platform technology. Alas, it was a clever little marketing faux pas designed to attract maximum attention to the release of Windows new operating system. As you’ll see on this source article from Forbes, the free upgrade that Microsoft was touting is just a preview version filled with all kinds of bugs and errors. In fact we thought you could run this software in perpetuity based on the legal verbiage used in the terms and conditions but those have recently changed to reflect that ti’s a free upgrade until July of next year at which point you’ll be forced to make a decision about which operating system to use. There’s a lot of people who won’t be reading this article nor will they understand what Microsoft is touting.

Windows 10 update is not free

It’s only half of an operating system and you won’t have access to the mandatory windows updates necessary to maintain it. The full price retail version is $119.99 and it’s available as a download from Microsoft’s website and will be available in major retail stores. Windows is supposed to release this DLC in just 2 days, so we’re excited to see what Microsoft has to offer but we’re bitterly disappointed in the vast amount of confusion they had caused in advertising this product. So far boot-camp doesn’t even work with Windows 10.