A first look at Windows 10

Above is featured a picture of the start menu for Windows 10.

Having just given their first announcement regarding the next version of their operating system and stating that users will have a great voice in the creation and development of this operating system, Micrsoft has announced Windows 10 (yes, they skipped Windows9).

At a press event Tuesday in San Francisco, Microsoft showed some preliminary new features such as ways to switch more easily from one computing task to another, or work on multiple applications—such as email, Web browser and Excel spreadsheet—simultaneously in one screen.

Microsoft is taking a stronger approach on synergy with this new operating system. Arguably years behind Apple’s outlook on how operating systems should be done, Microsoft believes they can create a user environment that will finally address the needs of the people and offer an effective way to create and produce within their new operating system. Though there’s no word about price or an official date of release, we know the software is nearing completion and is in testing for release. Furthermore the software is meant to release at some point next spring (2015) though no date has been given. There are rumors already which are not confirmed that Windows will also have more built-in features like advanced data recovery tools.

Terry Myerson, the executive who heads the Windows business, characterized Windows 10 as a work-in-progress that would be shaped in part by feedback from corporate-technology buyers and other devoted Windows users. In essence, Windows 10 could prove to be the largest crowd-sourcing project in history for software that runs nine out of every 10 computers sold world-wide.

“Together with the feedback you’ll provide us, we believe we can build a product that all of us will love,” Mr. Myerson said at the San Francisco event. “We’ve never done this before,” Mr. Myerson said about the collaboration with users.

Windows executives also said they realized they needed to reshape the most-recent version of the operating system, particularly for work settings. Some corporate-technology buyers and desk jockeys found Windows 8 too hard to use.

Microsoft has a two pronged focus on addressing the needs of the corporate atmosphere of America which is most heavily reliant on PCs and Microsoft based systems and traditionally has been. They’re second main focus is on the individual and on creating an atmosphere that allows him or her to navigate webspace and build an identity within it. Clearly, it’s a very exciting notion and my personal beliefs are that Microsoft will be finally evolving to where we need them to be in terms of making technology effective, practical, and easy to use.

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Source: Wall Street Journal