iPhone 6 Battery is going to be way stronger than we thought

So if you’ve been following our blog, than you know we like to keep an eye on any developments with iPhones or Samsung phones because they’re the most important tools we have in our daily lives. With that said they also have a very short battery life which is something that continues to escape manufacturers. The more battery life there is, the more powerful the parts get and the faster the battery drains. It’s an infinitely negative cycle of cat & mouse and it probably will stay that way til the end of time. Or so we thought…

This image below confirms that the iPhone 6 5.5″ version will feature 2915mAh as opposed to 2050 as we initially were told. That’s almost a 50% leap in battery capacity for the larger of the two iPhone models meaning that if used responsibly, it will be one of the longest lasting smart phones in the market in terms of battery capacity. This will be a huge boost to productivity and usability for iPhones until graphene really takes over the battery industry.