Apple steals Christmas again

As you know if you’ve been following out blog, Apple has been ramping up huge success with their latest dual release of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus (both of which we now repair at our Schaumburg location). Tracking information Flurry provided, Apple stole over 51% of new phone activations over Christmas season.

Using data from more than 600,000 tracked apps, Flurry focused on the week leading up to and including Christmas, from December 19-25. Trailing Apple in worldwide device activations was Samsung with nearly 18 percent and Nokia at almost 6 percent. Xiaomi, Huawei, and HTC all had less than one percent of device activations, which Flurry notes could be related to their popularity in Asian markets where the holiday season isn’t the big gift-giving event it is in other parts of the world.


Flurry also notes that on Christmas Day the number of app installs more than doubled compared to the early weeks of December, pointing to games and messaging apps as seeing the biggest jumps on Christmas morning.

The analytics firm also notes that “phablets” are gaining significant share in the market thanks to Apple’s entry with the iPhone 6 Plus. “Medium Phones” such as the iPhone 6 still dominate the market as in years past, but the growth of the phablet in 2014 has taken share away from “Full-size Tablets” and, less drastically, “Small Tablets.”

Looking at the year ahead, Flurry predicts iOS devices will continue to perform well alongside a continued shift in public opinion that will drive continued growth for the phablet form factor.

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