Google Data Centers

Featuring biometric eye-scanners, overheard power distributions, laser intrusion detection and all kinds of James-Bondy high-tech features: Google’s data centers.

It’s worth noting that Google is trying to make forward positive feedback loops that would improve the sustainability of their work. Data centers consume an enormous amount of energy and generate a tremendous amount of heat. This Google Data center featured above produces enough heat to necessitate an external water cooling plant built into their data center directly. Google has gone so far as to purchase wind farms to support some data centers and then they sell the left over power back into the community grid at a discounted price to the local community it serves. Google is also pioneering the redevelopment of the United States internet infrastructure and offers their practices on renewable energy as a template for power and electric companies to follow. I can’t wait til Google and Apple start making cars but before that happens, I’m hoping to be a Google Fiber customer in the next year or two.

For more information, check out Google’s page on Data Centers and renewable energy.

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