The future of Apple is tech “wearables”

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Assuming controlled evolution will run it’s course, humanity will constantly seek to harness the power of our technology and entwine it as closely as possible with our physical state. We are an analog species that more and more desires the abilities of the digital world that we have created. Imagine the ability to think like a computer does and perform insane calculations in fractions of a seconds. We would become like the gods we write about in history. Taking a huge step in that direction is refining the way that we wear our own technology and Apple seeks to be the greatest pioneer in that space.

Backed by their commitment to simplicity and synergy it’s become clear that Apple is investing heavily into the world of wearable technology beginning with their iWatch set to debut this spring. Observe the conversations around you and online as they are pulled in by the gravity of this historic invention. Having succeeded in changing the way the world listens to music and bringing us closer to the world of tablets and smart syngergy-driven devices, Apple is creating the culture of the future. Think of the iWatch as the beginning of the next step that will capture our imaginations and drive us into the future of tech wearables.

Apple’s looming iWatch promises a future of fitness monitoring, improved communication and media sharing, and the logging and tracking of our personal data as we move through a 3 dimensional world so that we may better understand ourselves and that world around us. Where we previously looked to watches to keep track of time, Apple seeks to revolutionize this historic attache by giving us instant messaging capabilities, e-mail, and eventually even video communication. Currently the major selling point for a lot of these devices is fitness, since that’s the area where Apple can make the biggest impact with their available technology. Expect it to be sold as a work out buddy until the second generation product where we will probably see the greatest developments in utility and also battery life. Speaking with regards to battery life all sources point to the likelihood that the battery will need to be charged daily.


Apple’s upcoming Watch is expected to kick off a further explosion of interest in fitness trackers when it is released in 2015. Increased consumer interest will open new doors in the health field with Apple reportedly in talks with insurance companies, hospitals and other health institutions about its HealthKit initiative and iOS Health app. Apple already is partnering with the Mayo Clinic and electronic health record company Epic Systems, and more partnerships are undoubtedly in the works.

Source: Macrumors

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