Upcoming Apple Developers Conference

Apple is really pulling out the stops and charging head first into the American technological lifestyle. As we anticipate the upcoming changes, let’s review a few categories based on what we can expect from the upcoming conference.

Apple Beats

Yes, we hope you didn’t forget about that whole multi-billion dollar deal that was made between Dre’s Beats and Apple. Well, it’s finally coming to fruition. There have been rumors circulating for weeks about exclusive content from Apple Music which is purportedly going to be a subscription based paid service going forward. We’re also anticipating a closer integration between Apple name brands and Beats featuring better integration with Apple’s newest hardware product, the Apple Watch.


In terms of hardware, we’re not anticipating any huge changes. As you know by now, there hasn’t been much in the works for newer macbooks besides what we saw last year with the thinner profiles or the new force touch technology designed to eliminate the “right-click.” That said, we also covered an iPad Pro which would be 12″ and feature better laptop-like support to tie integration closer to OSX rather than mobile version of the Apple Product. The competition in the future space between Apple and Microsoft looks like a race to see who can offer the smoothest multi-platform, cloud-based profile, and wire free experience. Microsoft’s latest plans to release Windows 10 as a fully-equipped cross-platform OS was a game changer for the company and we’re looking to see how Apple plans to deal with the new market movement based on what’s said in this conference.


Seth Weintraub posted on 9to5mac recently an expectation for the conference regarding Apple Photos. Recently Google has offered unlimited storage and free uploads for photos online. Google seems poised to control the space a free unlimited storage has worked very well for them in the past. Apple has been pretty quiet so far about what they’re going to do to stay ahead of Google in this area, but we anticipate a similar action on their end.

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Apple Watch Updates

The latest release of the Apple watch has been a mixed bag for users. The Apple Watch up to this point has offered a lot of great features and usability in terms of watches for the digital age, but the connectivity, cross-platform support, and app eco-system are just not there on the level that people have become used to expecting from Apple. This is probably going to be one of the biggest highlights in this conference and we’re eager to see what will change. Users like Mark Gurman who posted to 9to5mac have reported that using the Apple Watch at the gym is more of a chore than a benefit adding that the application based support for most exercises doesn’t even exist. The trend on the west coast with fitness is to digitize results and create a digital background for an otherwise physical/analog experience.

Other expectations

We’re looking forward to seeing if Apple is going to make any real headway with the Apple TV line of digital and analog products. So far they’ve provided a working service for the most part but they lack the momentum that other competitors in the space provide. We’re looking to hear if Apple has plans to offer/provide a better experience to their shoppers with digital streaming and content.

Thanks for reading and as always we’ll keep you posted with the latest and greatest in product updates and changes from Apple.


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